Monday, April 7, 2008

Twista' Anyone?

Prophet And His Football

Draggin' the football thru the woods for a hike.

Playin' with daddy. The little dot in the air betweem them is the ball.

His favorite way to play... throw the ball in the air and dive for it with end result of landing on the ground covered with dirt!!

Up a Tree



Daddy and Daughter

Here's Bee and her daddy walking from the pond back up to the cottage after playing.

Spring has Sprung

Well, spring has finally arrived. We've spent alot of time outside the last few days. We've once again come upon that time of year when my small people need a bath every night before bed. (no we don't give them baths every night during the winter)!! They had dirt from head to toe and in every crevice of their bodies today. We finally made them come in the house at 8:35 to get ready for bed. Now everyone's in bed and it's quiet. Normally I would go in and watch tv with Smart Guy or read, but I wanted to put some thing on here before doing so. I need to get some pics of our vacation in MI during spring break on here before my mom asks me again and I have to feel guilty for ignoring the task, but at the moment I'm once again to tired to do so.

D.K. finally learned how to climb the steep hill in the back of our yard without killing himself. It was fun to watch, although I feared for his life a few times while watching. The funny thing was that the neighbor girl next door went down and up even faster than he did. Bee spent much of her time this afternoon playing babies with another neighbor girl. They both took out their strollers, baby gear, and babies and pushed them around the yard. That is until D.K. purposely turned over one of the strollers send it flying across the grass. The little girl next door decided that it didn't matter that he's a foot and 30 pounds bigger than he is, she was gonna take him out. My how her little eyes were flashing. I told him he deserved what he got.

My house is lookin' pretty good right now. I've been working on some spring cleaning. I've been tossing things and putting things away like a madd women. Who'd have guessed that our closet actually has a floor in it? I'm not sure I've seen it since we moved in here last summer. I'm so glad to have discovered that it's not the great abyss that I had previously suspected. Now I've got to get to work on the boys closet...yikes!

Hey does anyone know what's up with boys and wedgies? How come they find it so satisfying to do this horrible thing to one another? My boys claim to love each other. They are one another's best friends, but after they had their showers tonight and were getting their underwear on, it turned into a game of "who can give the worst wedgie without his brother killing him". They were obviously painful, but they did it anyway. Boys, who can understand them?

We went to get ice cream at a local place tonight. It was beautiful all day, but by 7:30 when we sat down outside to eat our ice cream, it was a bit chilley to be eating it outside. It was yummy though and the kids loved it.

Well, I think I'll go ahead and put up a few pics from vacation after all on another post real quick!!