Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smart Guy brought home a bag of Jonagold apples this afternoon. Check out this very cool apple! It has a perfectly straight line around the center of it!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's what our backyard looked like this morning!!

The neighbors car!!

And it's currently snowing again!! None of it's sticking to the roads though! It's just enough to be pretty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tooth #2

Well, Miss Bee lost tooth #2 this evening. It was barely hangin' on by a thread and she was just leaving it there. I finally told her I was gonna pin her down and pull it myself if she didn't just get it out of there. That did the trick. She had it out about 5 minutes later. I couldn't believe how much it bled. You'd think as loose as it was that it wouldn't have bled at all. The permanent tooth for the tooth she just lost actually popped thru about two weeks ago, right behind the baby tooth. It looked really wierd. Those new teeth are soooo big. I keep wondering how all her new teeth are ever gonna fit into that little tiny mouth.

We drove to Mountain Mom and Grizzley Dad's on Friday after school. We were supposed to drive on over and see our new nephew as soon as we ate dinner, but Prophet had an earache and a runny nose, so we decided we'd better not take the chance. So, we ended up just having a very quiet visit with everyone. Mountain Mom cut my hair Saturday morning, and I love how it turned out. It was in dire need of a cut!! I got to spend lots of time visiting with my little sis-in-law who is about 23 weeks or so pregnant. She's under five feet tall, so she's got a very round little belly. Her belly is absolutely perfect. Get this, she's on her second baby and has NO STRETCH MARKS whatsoever! Her belly could be a model, it's so perfect! I know she's rolling her eyes and laughing at me right now as she reads this!!!

Well, it's time to go in and cuddle with my hubby while we watch some televsion!! Goodnight everyone!! This weeks a crazy one, I probably won't be around much, so have a good week!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overheard Conversation

This is the conversation I heard from the family room while I was making dinner last night...

D.K. - Get off of his head!

Noise, yelling, general uproar.

D.K. - No,seriously Bee, get OFF OF HIS HEAD!

D.K. & Prophet - EWWWWWWW, GROSS!

You'd think that being the girly-girl that she can be, that gas wouldn't be so funny, but apparently it's alot funnier than anyone of us could imagine! Oh my!

Our Trip to the Columbus Zoo

Last week the kids didn't have school on Friday, so we decided to use our zoo pass and head down to Columbus for the day. We had a really good time, despite the cold and rain that started 30 minutes after we got there! Now, if you know me very well at all, you know that I'm a weather radar junkie (Intellicast rocks), but I kept holding out hope that the rain headed our way was gonna go away. Hey, at least I took an umbrella!!

I adore pictures of my hubby with the kids from behind. This one's no exception. This is the dreariness that was our day at the zoo.

This is Bee sitting next to Fluffy, the 300 pound, 24 ft. long, 14 year old reticulated python. This sucker eats 10 pounds of rabbits once a week. He's the biggest snake on exhibit anywhere! The sign next to him says "Will Hug For Food"! He's an amazing creature!!

D.K. and the giant moose statue. The actual moose exhibit wasn't quite as impressive. Apparently moose are smarter than humans and get in out of the rain, as we only saw one of them out.

Prophet wrestling with the giant bear statue!!

Just bein' goofy!!

Funny story... The Columbus Zoo has quite possibly got the best gorilla exhibit in the world. The outside exhibit is a huge playground and the inside exhibits are split into three huge glass-walled rooms. Since it was raining, all of the gorillas were inside where we could watch them up close. We were the only ones in the building for the first 15 minutes we were there. While I was watching one of the females, I sat down on the wall sorta leaning my shoulder on the glass. Now, gorillas are very human-like (poor things) and they will actually interact with people thru the glass. This female was about 6 inches away from me on the other side of the glass, so I puckered up my lips and put them as close to the glass as I could. She did the same thing. She actually kissed the glass where my lips were. I was totally captured in the moment and then the little devil reaches up and smacks the glass as hard as she could right in my face. I just about wet my pants!! We laughed so hard! It was hilarious. Okay, so maybe you actually had to be there, but trust me here okay!!

Well, I really must go to bed now! If only I were actually sleepy!! Oy!

Here's a Couple of Projects I Just Recently Finished

These are for my niece whose due to join us in March sometime! Yes, my sil reads this, but she's already seen them anyway. I made a towel and taggie blanket for my new nephew and for Grasshopper, but didn't get pics up of them before I gave them away. I've still got 3 jumpers, a towel, and bunch of burp cloths to make in the next two weeks! Can she do it? Well... I don't have much choice!!

The rag quilt. This was the first one I've ever done. Bee recieved one as a gift from a coworker of Mountain Mom's and I've always wanted to try one, so I finally did it. It was fairly simple, but my hand was in some serious pain the day after I finished it because you have to snip all of the seams a thousand times so they will fray and have the wanted effect.

The taggie blankie!!

This is Divine with the towel I made for my nephew at her baby shower. After previewing this, I also realized that Bee has on the jumper I made just for the shower. I was putting the hem in it as my little sil was bathing the girls (hers and mine) to leave for the shower. Yep, nothing like procrastination is there!!

Here's Inkling with Grasshopper's taggie blanket at her blessing a couple months ago. Geez,that seems so long ago now. I miss her!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Another Day

It's late and I really need to go to bed, but I'm just not sleepy yet. I know I'll regret not going to bed at a decent time when it's time to roll out of bed in the morning so I can walk to school with the kids so I can work all morning in Bee's kindergarten classroom, but right now I've got things on my mind and I don't necessarily want them to go away just yet. Soooo, I figured I'd sit and blog for awhile. That way no one can start griping that I've gone MIA.

I got lots done today. I spent the morning like I spend every Tuesday morning, in the boys class. I love being in there. I really do. I pretty much do busy work the entire time, but it helps the teachers get stuff done, so that's what I do. I did the behavior charts for both teachers, graded, filed several papers into the kids' folders, hung some stuff on the wall, and chatted with the teachers more than usual because the students were having a lesson about how Wall Street works from a group of accountants who apparently go around trying to teach 4th graders how it all works. Maybe I should have been listening more closely. I mean, if they can really simplify it enough for a 4th grader to understand it, maybe I could understand it. It was apparently a very fun day according to my boys. They even had a pizza party afterwards!!

After I was done in there, I walked the school halls and staircases for about 10 minutes (about three laps from one end to the other with all the steps included for those of you that know the building), and ended at Bee's classroom just as they were lining up to walk outside to the parents. They had a sub today, so I wasn't sure she'd know who I was taking her out of the line, but all the kids yelled "Bee, there's your mom", when I walked up, so she believed them! We walked down, got my coat out of D.K.'s locker and walked home. After she ate lunch, Bee invited the little girl next door over to play with playdough. After playing for about 45 mintues and actually doing a fine job of cleaning up, they decided it was time for dress-up! So they ran around as Cinderella and a bride for about an hour before heading over to the neighbors house to play there while I walked over to get the boys!!

During the afternoon, I swept the kitchen, did about three loads of laundry, vacuumed the downstairs (except our bedroom), cleaned off the computer table (I swear it grows papers), started pork chops in the crock-pot for dinner, and talked to Ruby on the phone for awhile. It's been a fairly productive day.

For dinner we had nice comfy meal to go with the cold, cloudy weather... pork chops slow-cooked all afternoon, baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cinnamon butter, stuffing, and green beans. It was yummy! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a pumpkin pie, but seeing how I've been walking like a crazy woman I'd rather not totally undo any good I've done to my thighs, ya know!!

Well, I really should get off of here and go to bed. My mind is going nuts with something I know I have to do. Forgive me for being vague and please don't ask for more info, and no Grandma nothing horrible is going on. I just have to deal with something stupid that I did awhile back... so just call me "Chicken Little", okay!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7 Wierd Things About Me

Lauren has tagged me! So, I guess I should be a good sport and participate shouldn't I! I'm supposed to tell you guys 7 wierd things about myself. That should be easy...

1. I think leftover chili and spaghetti are fairgame for breakfast. I thought this was normal until I grew-up and left my parents house, now I realize it's more than a little wierd.

2. I've never used a sewing pattern in my life. I just find something similar to what I want to make and hope it'll turn out. I've occasionally had a mystery item in the end!!

3. I've been playing Christmas music for about 3 weeks already, but only when Smart Guy isn't here. He laughs at me and rolls his eyes.

4. I have lived in 7 states during my life. In those 7 states, I've had 17 separate homes. The longest I've lived in one place (other than my childhood home, my parents stayed put) is three years, the shortest 3 months. Ha, and you people thought I was stable!!

5. I've never carried a baby full-term. I've had a 28 weeker, a 32 1/2 weeker, and a 36 weeker.

6. I didn't have an epidural with Bee (the other two were so early they wanted me to have the epi just in case something happened and they had to do a c-section. nothing happened though) and it was an amazing birth that made me feel like one hell of a strong woman. I definitely recommend trying it.

7. The only time of year that I drink coffee beverages is now. I love anything with chocolate and peppermint.

So, are those wierd enough. Hope so!!

Life is Busy

Bee is next door playing with her best-friend, so it's quiet enough to hear the Christmas music in the background. I've got a crock-pot of chili on in the kitchen, so it smells quite comforting in here. My house is fairly clean, so I don't have to feel to guilty about sitting in this chair clackin' away on the keys. I'm completely enjoying these last minutes before I walk over to pick the boys up from school. It gets totally noisy at that point. Then we have homework to get done, swim practice to get to, guitar lessons to look forward too, and Kids Kare Klub to be at. Yikes!! Then afterwards we'll all come home, light the candles at the dining room table and sit down to a bowl of chili with crackers and cream cheese.

This week's been busy. I've been over at the school every morning this week doing something or other. Our book fair is this week, so I worked that twice. I did my normal, every week volunteering, and had parent/teacher conferences for all three kids. Everyone's out of school on Friday. I'd like to get down to Columbus to the zoo (we have a season pass), but don't know if that's gonna happen or not. I'd also like to get over to see our new nephew in PA sometime. I've also got ALOT of sewing to get done in the next three weeks, which will ultimately end my whirlwind sewing that I've had to accomplish the last couple of months because I'll be without a means to sew come Thanksgiving weekend (don't ask), so I have to get all my sewing for next spring done early and hopefully have another machine by next summer (grrr).

Well, I now must walk up to get my boys from school, thus ending my quiet time! Hugs to all of you (yes even those out there I don't actually know about!)!! Have a good evening!

What a Daddy's Girl

This is the pile of candy that Bee put aside for her daddy! There were several more pieces in his stash, which is being stored in one of her purses and hanging on the computer chair for him to dig into whenever he wants to. Apparently I'm chopped liver or something because she didn't feel it necessary to provide Mommy with the same!! Each day since Halloween she has brought me a Reese's peanut butter cup, broke it in half and then given me exactly 1/2 of it! I can't believe she hasn't noticed that her candy (the chocolate part anyway) is slowly disappearing thanks to the pilfering going on on my part!! She doesn't need that much sugar anyway does she? Of course, neither do my hips!!


I don't know if the person this is intended for will ever see it or if she'll care, but I'm thinking about her and missing her alot today. I think about her and all the "stuff" every single day, but with today being her birthday I really want to pick up the phone to call her more than usual.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


To all of my American readers... please go and excercise your right (or left) to vote today if you haven't already. Our country's depending on it.
Is anyone else having a prob with their comments not coming thru their email? Mine hasn't worked for several days now and Smart Guy says he's having the same problem. Just wonderin' if it's us or if others have the same issue!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Votes Are In, The People Have Spoken...

... the students at our school anyway. Obama came out on top 89 to 59!!

Bee's New Do

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's The Kids Halloween Costumes

Prophet is a wizard.

D.K. is also a wizard, but of the more sterotypical type.

Bee is Dorothy.