Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life is Busy

Bee is next door playing with her best-friend, so it's quiet enough to hear the Christmas music in the background. I've got a crock-pot of chili on in the kitchen, so it smells quite comforting in here. My house is fairly clean, so I don't have to feel to guilty about sitting in this chair clackin' away on the keys. I'm completely enjoying these last minutes before I walk over to pick the boys up from school. It gets totally noisy at that point. Then we have homework to get done, swim practice to get to, guitar lessons to look forward too, and Kids Kare Klub to be at. Yikes!! Then afterwards we'll all come home, light the candles at the dining room table and sit down to a bowl of chili with crackers and cream cheese.

This week's been busy. I've been over at the school every morning this week doing something or other. Our book fair is this week, so I worked that twice. I did my normal, every week volunteering, and had parent/teacher conferences for all three kids. Everyone's out of school on Friday. I'd like to get down to Columbus to the zoo (we have a season pass), but don't know if that's gonna happen or not. I'd also like to get over to see our new nephew in PA sometime. I've also got ALOT of sewing to get done in the next three weeks, which will ultimately end my whirlwind sewing that I've had to accomplish the last couple of months because I'll be without a means to sew come Thanksgiving weekend (don't ask), so I have to get all my sewing for next spring done early and hopefully have another machine by next summer (grrr).

Well, I now must walk up to get my boys from school, thus ending my quiet time! Hugs to all of you (yes even those out there I don't actually know about!)!! Have a good evening!

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Anonymous said...

you aren't kidding you are busy. breathe sometime girl..chili sounds wonderful. But the family has grown tired of it.