Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Time, No See

Okay, so I know it's been forever since I've been on my blog. I'm bad. I know it.

We've had crazy storms in this part of the world today. Lot's of downpours, thunder, and lightening. Thankfully no hail and no tornadoes...yet. They are saying we will probably get hail during tonight's round of storms. We are however under a flood warning currently, and looking at my backyard makes me wanna put my swimsuit on and take a swim.

Bowzer is so funny during thunder. He sticks as close to me as possible the entire time it's thundering. It's quite laughable to see a moose-sized dog scared of something.

The boys had a field trip this morning to the state park nearby here. Total, there were probably 200 or so kids that went. We were supposed to be observing the creek that runs through the park. It's normally a fun place to go. The creek is really wide, but in many places it's very shallow and perfect for wading and observing wildlife and plants in and around the water. Today? The water in our normal observation spot, which is normally at the most a foot deep, is currently about 4-5 feet deep and flowing really fast. Quite scarey. So, we found another location along the creek to set-up our observation area for the day. The water was much more shallow, and because of the flooding the was an additional area off the the side that doesn't normally have water in it. So, it seemed to be perfect. About the time we walked far enough back on the trail to get there, it started to thunder and lightening though. Soooo, we turned around, walked back to the buses, and were planning to wait it out on the buses until the storm passed, deciding that we'd stay if it was "just" raining. But the storm got bigger as we watched it on radars on everyone's Iphones, so made the decision to call it a day and sent the rather disappointed kiddos back to school. A few of the teachers and parents walked back to gather up all the stuff from the observation site before we headed home ourselves.

It was muddy. It was cold. It was wet. All in all though, the short time we were out there, was actually fun though.

This evening there in nothing on our schedule and I am going to completely enjoy all 5 of us being home the entire evening. Maybe we'll make a fire in the fireplace while we sit around listening to the rain fall. Sounds like an awesome evening to me.