Friday, December 19, 2008

Well, my house is clean. I got everything on my list done. The only thing left is Prophet's comforter still drying in the dryer (someone else is sleeping in his bed tonight and tomorrow night). Smart Guy and D.K. are at swim practice until 7:00, and Prophet, Bee, and myself and awaiting the arrival of my little BIL and his family. Most of important of which is my new nephew that I have yet to meet. They live three hours away and the weekend we were supposed to go visit, Prophet ended up getting sick. I can't wait to get my hands on him!!!

Today was another one of those freaky, crazy days. I got out of bed on the run this morning and just stopped a few minutes ago when I sat down to blog while I wait for everyone.

Well, they just pulled in! Later, Taters, I've got a baby to love on!!


It's one of those mornings when the television was turned on before 6 am just to see if we still have school or are on a delay. Unfortunately for my children they do have school, and even worse they have to be there at the normal time. You'd have thought that Prophet was having all his Christmas presents taken away from him the way he went on all morning. All we kept hearing was "I bet Cleveland doesn't have school. I be the kids up by the lake don't have school." etc. We currently have freezing rain, and it's really dark out for this time of the morning. It's supposedly going to turn to rain for a little while and then back to freezing rain and possibly snow later. Smart Guy's doing our Meals on Wheels route this morning by himself because I've got Bee's Christmas party at school at 10:00, so it's gonna take him forever to get it done in this weather by himself.

Smart Guy's family is supposed to be coming over this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath at this point. This will be the second year in a row our Christmas with them at our house has been ruined because of the weather! My MIL and FIL are actually here in OH at one of the Amish inn's for a mini-trip. Hopefully they'll be able to travel back home today safely!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm one of those cooks that quite often cooks without a recipe. Most of the time this is okay and works out just fine, but on occasion it doesn't work out for me!! Such is the case today!

I signed up to take the frosting and sprinkles to Bee's "Holiday" party tomorrow. She wanted me to make my cream cheese frosting. So, Monday we bought all the stuff and this morning after everyone left for school, I got the cream cheese and the butter out of the fridge, so it would be soft by the time Bee came home from school around 11:45. I was planning to double the recipe, so when the time came she unwrapped to blocks of cream cheese and two sticks of butter and threw them in the bowl. I started the mixer and she put in powdered sugar a 1/2 cup at a time. After almost an ENTIRE bag of powdered sugar, I realized that it wasn't looking like the frosting that I normally make, it was much too runny. That's when I realized that I must normally use a 1/2 stick of butter and a 1/2 block of cream cheese with one box of powdered sugar. So, basically instead of doubling the recipe, I quadrupled the recipe! I've got enough frosting for the entire top floor of the kids' school to frost a cookie!! It ended up taking two full bags of powdered sugar to make my cream cheese wonder! That's FOUR STINKIN' POUNDS OF SUGAR FOLKS!! That's approx. 9 cups of frosting!! Yikes!

So, if any of you local girls need frosting for anything, find me tomorrow at school or leave me comment and I'll find you and I'll gladly give ya some!! Seriously!!

What I Needed To Accomplish Today and Tomorrow by 4:00


If it has a * by it, it must be done today!!

1. Bake 4 apple cakes.* (DONE)
2. Make 4 jars of caramel sauce (to pour over above cakes, then making them into caramel apple cakes!!*(DONE)
3. Make two 9X13 pans of scotcheroos.*(DONE)
4. Make a double recipe of cream cheese frosting.*(DONE)
5. Put together breakfast casserole for company on Saturday morning.(DONE)
6. Wash every towel in house. (DONE)
7. Dry said towels. (DONE)
8. Fold said towels. (DONE)
9. Put away said towels. (DONE)
10. Make sure all cloth napkins are washed, dry, folded and put away!! (DONE)
11. Strip beds, wash sheets, put sheets back on beds. (D0NE)
12. Clean both bathrooms. (DONE)
13. Sweep wood floors upstairs. (DONE)
14. Sweep kitchen floor. (DONE)
15. Vacuum all carpetting. (DONE)
16. Mop kitchen floor. (DONE)
17. Dust every surface in the free world! (DONE)
18. Set up pack n' play for new nephew visiting this weekend. (DONE)
19. Clean up the playroom in the basement (Bee)! (NOT PERFECT, BUT OKAY)
20. Wrap presents for niece and nephews!! (D0NE)
21. Finish jumpers for Bee and my niece!!
22. Dip a bunch of pretzels into melted candy for boys' party!!* (D0NE)
23. Go to Bee's party! (DONE)
24. Go to the Boys' party! (DONE)
25. Make dinner.* (DONE)
26. Sleep (when? this one is optional for tonight) (DONE)
27. Swim practice, swim lessons, and basketball practice?*(Smart Guy's doing this)
28. Go shopping.*(Again, Smart Guy to the rescue)
29. Take a shower!*(DONE)

Will I get everything done? We shall see!!

Please Pray

I know it's been awhile since I've been on here, so I hate to come with this kind of news, but...

If you haven't noticed the button on my sidebar for Kayleigh Freeman and clicked on it, please do it now. Kayleigh is a little one who was born weighing 1 pound 1 oz. She's over five months old and has never left the hospital. She's been fighting so incredibly hard to live and yet at the moment it seems that she may loose that fight. My heart is broken for her parents who want to take her home so badly. Please pray for them and possibly leave a comment letting them know you were there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toothbrushes Are The Best

For anyone that does not know my family and already know this bit of info... Prophet and Bee DO NOT get along. On a good day they put up with one another. On a bad day, there's alot of yelling between the two of them. IT DRIVES THEIR MOTHER (that would be me) ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!A few days ago, I actually banned them from speaking to one another for the rest of the day. The funny thing was that they actually played together that day and didn't fight. They sat and played legos on the floor in the family for quite awhile (without talking). Wierd!!

That being said, Bee was given the job of cleaning their bathroom sink a few weeks ago. She's been doing a really good job keeping it up without being reminded. So, the other night, I realized she'd been in the bathroom for quite sometime, so I opened the door and went in. When I asked her what she'd been doing, she replied, "I was cleaning the sink." I asked what she cleaned it with. With a devilish grin and complete eye contact, her answer was "Prophet's toothbrush." It was one of those moments when as a mom, you know that you can't laugh, but it takes everything in you not to. I of course made her apologize to Prophet and actually give him a hug... oooo, not actual contact.

I think it's time to get Bee in on the "The Sibling Restitution Act of 2004"!