Thursday, August 5, 2010

She Is Polly...She Will Always Be My Friend

Last Friday morning, my best-friend Polly Baker was murdered. That's a word nobody ever wants to use in a sentence containing the name of someone they love. We had just moved away one month before, so I hadn't seen her for an entire month. I was missing her already, and now...

Another best-friend from here in Ohio called Jeff so he could tell me personally instead of telling me on the phone. We headed back to OH a couple hours later. I'm still here staying with our best-friend Crystal. Jeff and the kids will be here tomorrow night. After they get here, we have to tell the kids what happened. We told them that she died, but not how. Tomorrow night, I have to look at my babies and watch as their little minds adjust to the fact that their world is a screwed up place. See, not only was their Miss Polly murdered, but it seems that the man who professed to love her and fathered her six beautiful children, is the one that did it...and then he took his own life.

As a grown-up, I can't get my own mind around this. How the hell is a child supposed to? But yet we know we have to tell them. I don't want them to hear someone say something about and feel lied to.

Polly was the most amazing woman. She gave the most incredible hugs. She'd latch onto you and hold tight. She had a sense for how someone was doing without really asking, she just knew. She was such an emotioal woman that rarely was there a week go by without at least one conversation involving tears. That was just our Polly. She loved to cook for people, and it wasn't unusual for her to have 3 or 4 crock-pots plugged in places around the school building so she could feed the masses. My counter top was the recipient of crock-pots of food made with her sweet hands on occasion. Her best and most famous dish was Lava Cake made in the crock-pot. Every child at the elementary school where all of our children go to school loved Mrs. Baker's Lava Cake.

Polly was known to break into Spanish at any time, leaving the majority of us around her completely clueless. Then she'd laugh when we told her to knock it off, or sometimes someone was around that could speak it as fluently as she, and they'd just start jabbering while leaving the rest of us in the dark!

She was the incredible mama of 6 children. The oldest will be in 8th grade, the next one 5th grade, the next 4th grade, 2nd grade, 1st grade, and the youngest is 4 and in preschool. She lived for those little ones. She spent all her time with them. Even when they were all at school, she was there volunteering more days than not. She proudly drove around a huge, red van that held all her children, with the plates "BakerBus" on the back. Most in town knew that van. She loved to pull out her phone and show everyone pictures of her kiddos, and then she'd always have to share a stupid joke she'd gotten in her email or texts recently. She could have the strangest sense of humor, but you had to laugh because she so obviously thought it was funny.

The very last night we were here in Ohio before we moved to Indiana a month ago, Polly stayed up with me until 3 am helping me finish packing and cleaning. She was upstairs working, and I was downstairs. The entire night we were talking back and forth between the two floors making cracks at each other and just chatting about the past, present, and future. We made plans to help Isaiah (our oldest) and her second oldest, stay in touch through the years. They have some serious crushes on each other and were both brokenhearted about having to say goodbye. We stopped to hug each other and cry about every 30 minutes most of that night. Neither one of us obviously had any idea that the hug, kisses, and tears we shared at 3 am on that morning were the last we'd ever share. We made plans to get together the weekend of the fair when we came back for a visit.

I will never be the same person I was before Polly Baker became part of my heart. She showed me how to be a patient mom. She showed me that everyone deserves to be accepted. She showed me that everyone needs a chance. She showed me that it is possible for one person to love the entire world and make a big impact. I will love her and miss her the rest of my life.

May your spirit soar my sweet, sweet Polly-girl.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reach Out and Dance May 2010

This is Isaiah's class. It's a little more difficult to point him out, but I bet if you watch close, you'll find him. He did soooo amazing!

Reach Out and Dance May 2010

Last week Isaiah and Jacob participated in a dance program called "Reach Out and Dance". This is put on by all the fourth and fifth graders from the elementary schools in town, plus a few of the sixth graders. A dance company from up around Cleveland comes to each school starting in October of the school year and works with each group once a week. The program is based on the idea the children who participate in the arts do better in school academically and behaviorally. After almost an entire year of working, the kiddos get together at the high school and do a show for all of us to see. They bus in all the younger students from all the schools and lots of parents and family show up to watch. Just like last year, I cried. I'm so proud of all of them. When I see Isaiah Michael perform so well, all the memories of the beginning of his life come flooding back, and I'm just that much more proud.

This video is of Jacob's class. He's the front kid in the group to the very right.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Got Seriously Dumped On

I wish I had the camera here, but Jeff took it with him to Charlotte. When all was said and done, we ended up with around 16 inches of snow. Wet and heavy snow. The kind that makes your back scream "mercy" while your shoveling it away. What I wouldn't do for a snowblower right now. I mean, really, who lives in northeastern Ohio without a snowblower?... Oh yah, us po' folk. I'm just dreading tomorrow morning when I try to roll out of bed and every muscle in my body is screaming at me to just forget it and stay in bed. The boys helped alot, but I still had to do quite a bit. Our neighbor finally felt sorry for me because Jeff is gone right now and finished off the last two feet or so. Ya know, the nasty stuff that gets shoved into your driveway when the snowplows go by. The dirty, icy stuff that is rockhard. The kids have been out several times today to play and shovel. Each time they come back in, they'd throw their stuff in the dryer, and then head back out when it was all dry again. I realized last night that my boys' boots are alot easier to put on than mine are, and since they fit me perfect, that what I used most of the time. Which meant that many time one of them was waiting for their boots to be removed from my feet so they could go back out! Bowzer has also had a blast today in the snow. His 12 year old self goes out and bounds through the snow drifts that come up to his back and then he explodes out of them throwing snow out of his mouth and into the air. It's really quite entertaining to watch!

We had soup made from all the leftovers that have been collecting in the fridge this week, so it was quite a hodge-podge of stuff, but Bee declared it the best soup she's ever had. Too bad, she'll never have that exact soup again. :) We're gonna have ice cream to cap off the day and then watch a movie in the family room while we go to sleep!

Friday, February 5, 2010

It's snowing here in northeastern Ohio. Alot. I'm sick of all this fluffy, white stuff. Spring needs to get here really quick! Ugh!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Only Seems Appropriate That This Post Would Be About Vampires and Pat Robertson At The Same Time (He Sucks the Life Right Out of Me)

It's late. I really should be in bed. After a comfort dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, I went out with a friend this evening to see "New Moon" again. It leaves town tomorrow, so we got one last hurrah in before it goes. I'm a total Twilight junkie. If you actually take the time to get past the whole vampire thing, they're actually awesome books. The love story that takes place throughout the four books is entrancing. If only more couples were that much in love and dedicated to taking care of one another, our world would be a different place.

Just in case anyone wants to actually hear my opinion on Pat Robertson tonight... I can't stand the man. I actually feel sorry for him. To think that his life is based in a faith that is so shallow, and so void of compassion, that while and entire country has been brought to it's knees in horror, that he would use his platform, his "fame", his "power", and his need to control to actually stand there and say that it all happened because their ancestors sold their souls to the devil is absolutely appalling to me. Is there really any wonder that the world looks at Christians the way they do? I mean really,come on folks. That's sickening.

I spent several hours at the school today working. Can I just say that lunch duty was horrible today? The fifth graders (my boys' class) have been awful during lunch all week. They started lunch today "on red". Which means a silent lunch for them. What's wierd is that's so unlike that class. They've always been "the favored child" so to speak in that school. They all love each other and don't get too horribly petty with each other. I think that one of two things... or both... is happening in there. Either they have decided that the "good boy" act is up and they are taking advantage of it, or it's the teacher. One of their teachers is not an easy one, and I thinks it's making a big difference in the class dynamics this year. It's probably both things though. But even though they were supposed to be silent, they still got into alot of trouble talking! Ugh! On top of that, we had about 8 milk spills today. Two kindergarten kids dumped their entire carton of milk down the front of them... with their coats on. Yuck!

Well, I'm off to bed! Morning comes way to fast! Love to all.

BTW... if you don't agree with me about P.R. that's fine, but seeing how this is my blog, don't argue with me. I'll delete it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year and Yes I'm Still Around

With the brand new year I'm gonna try to post on here a little more often than I have for the last year or more. Unfortunately for this blog, life gets in the way and Facebook's just quicker and requires less thought.

The school year's going good for the kids. The boys unfortunately have a really tough teacher this year and it's not unusual for them to have two hours of homework in the evening. Not bad if your in high school, but they're fifth graders for crapsake. Bee is learning to read and doing amazing with it. We are seriously considering homeschooling next fall. Not because we don't like the school they are in, but because it's something we always wanted to do and just never done. We're looking at a couple of online academies to see what we think of them. I would love to have them home learning with us. We shall see.

Bee is in Daisy scouts again this year. This is the first year they've had first graders be Daisies instead of moving up to Brownies. Cookie sales are going right now. They started on Sunday,(although there were girls selling door to door before that who apparently thought they were above the rules), and Bee had sold about 70 boxes before the day was up. She's a good little salesgirl.

Prophet is still loving soccer. This time of the year, there are no leagues playing, but he starts footskills on Wednesday here soon. Both the boys are playing instruments this year at school. D.K. is playing the trumpet and Prophet's playing the clarinet. If they'd just practice more often, they'd actually be pretty good. Can't figure out how to convince them of that though.

With this being my first year in over 12 years of not having anyone at home during the day since Bee started school all day, this stay at home mom had some adjusting to do. I volunteer at the school 3 days a week. Clean the house on one day, and try to run errands on another. My health still has its ups and downs but I take it as it comes and just keep trodding along.

We absolutely love living here in Ohio. I have made some wonderful friends that I love dearly and know I can depend on no matter what. This is the best little town in the world as far as we're concerned. My hubby is now working for Goodwill as well as being the youth and children's pastor at the church. Both have pretty much full time hours, so there are some days that he's exhausted, but still manages to pick up the kids from school and eat dinner with us most of the time.

I've really been into Facebook lately and have found many old friends. I also love keeping up with all my local friends on there too. While FB is a great thing, it also has the ability to cause arguments and such when you write something that others don't agree with, and instead of letting it go, they just keep going with it. Such was the case last month so I stepped away from it for awhile. The internet's a great thing most of the time, but sometimes you just have to know when to step away.

Anyway, I know this is pretty boring stuff, especially if you're one of my FB friends who I "see" everyday. Love to you all, and here's hoping I get on here more than twice in 2010!