Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Only Seems Appropriate That This Post Would Be About Vampires and Pat Robertson At The Same Time (He Sucks the Life Right Out of Me)

It's late. I really should be in bed. After a comfort dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, I went out with a friend this evening to see "New Moon" again. It leaves town tomorrow, so we got one last hurrah in before it goes. I'm a total Twilight junkie. If you actually take the time to get past the whole vampire thing, they're actually awesome books. The love story that takes place throughout the four books is entrancing. If only more couples were that much in love and dedicated to taking care of one another, our world would be a different place.

Just in case anyone wants to actually hear my opinion on Pat Robertson tonight... I can't stand the man. I actually feel sorry for him. To think that his life is based in a faith that is so shallow, and so void of compassion, that while and entire country has been brought to it's knees in horror, that he would use his platform, his "fame", his "power", and his need to control to actually stand there and say that it all happened because their ancestors sold their souls to the devil is absolutely appalling to me. Is there really any wonder that the world looks at Christians the way they do? I mean really,come on folks. That's sickening.

I spent several hours at the school today working. Can I just say that lunch duty was horrible today? The fifth graders (my boys' class) have been awful during lunch all week. They started lunch today "on red". Which means a silent lunch for them. What's wierd is that's so unlike that class. They've always been "the favored child" so to speak in that school. They all love each other and don't get too horribly petty with each other. I think that one of two things... or both... is happening in there. Either they have decided that the "good boy" act is up and they are taking advantage of it, or it's the teacher. One of their teachers is not an easy one, and I thinks it's making a big difference in the class dynamics this year. It's probably both things though. But even though they were supposed to be silent, they still got into alot of trouble talking! Ugh! On top of that, we had about 8 milk spills today. Two kindergarten kids dumped their entire carton of milk down the front of them... with their coats on. Yuck!

Well, I'm off to bed! Morning comes way to fast! Love to all.

BTW... if you don't agree with me about P.R. that's fine, but seeing how this is my blog, don't argue with me. I'll delete it.


Kristy said...

I saw someone post what he said on fb yesterday. He's lost his mind.

a wandering heart said...

I completely agree with you on PR. Lunch duty at home is bad enough... I can't imagine at school.

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