Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Butt Dialer

Everytime I see this commercial I think of Inkling's hubby! I had to post it for it so she could see it since she doesn't have a TV (smart couple they are).

Friday, February 20, 2009



Ya know what I can't stand? When I go into Bee's kindergarten classroom to help every Wednesday morning and I have to see several little girl's hiney's hanging out of their pants when they sit down on the floor (which they do for quite awhile each day). Please don't put such low cut pants on your little girls with regular length shirts!! I don't want to see your child's plumber's crack! Thank you for listening !!

(No Angela, you're very properly attired daughter is not included in this soapbox. She is always dressed so sweet and little girly)

The Donut Cake

On Saturday we celebrated Bee and DK's birthdays with a little party at Mountain Mom and Grizzley Dad's house. This is the cake I made for them. We've got better pics of it with the candles in it and lit, but those are on little sil's camera because mine had gone missing at that moment and I forgot to get them off of there. So, here it is. Very easy to make. I did preorder the donuts just to make sure they'd have enough. This is 21 donuts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Baby Shower

It seems like everytime I turn around the last few months I'm doin' another baby shower for another little one joining the world. My little sil is due real soon. The doc could actually feel the baby's head when she checked her last Tuesday. When I talked to her this afternoon, she was having contractions, but very sporadically. It could still be days or even weeks. I've got my bag packed and ready to go, so if she calls at 2 am, I can get out of here quick. I'm so looking forward to being there. Hopefully I make it in time. This is her second baby, so she may get here faster this time. Please, baby girl, just let Aunt Grace get there, it's only two hours!!

This was taken of all us girls at the shower. My little sil is the short one with the round belly in the middle! The little girl standing next to Bee is her little girl Nini! The one on the left is Mountain Mom (Smart Guy's mom).

The Mighty Ohio River

Bee and I drove to WV last Friday when the kids were out of school to help with a baby shower for my little SIL. As we drove over I noticed many creeks out of their banks and other places where there were ice chunks as big as my couch along banks of creeks that had since gone back to their banks. When we pulled into Mountain Mom and Grizzley Dad's place right on the banks of the Ohio River, I noticed how high the water was. While it's nowhere near the highest it's ever been, it was still way up from normal. Some of these were taken around 3:30 Friday afternoon. Then I took some of the picks on Monday afternoon around 3:30 as we pulled away from their house to come back home.

Friday afternoon.

Same spot (see the blue thingy) on Monday afternoon.

Friday afternoon. There's actually a dock about 40 feet from the edge of the water and down a hill that's normally completely visible from this shot.

Monday afternoon. The dock is still way under the water.

This was taken Friday afternoon. If you look closely, you can see a volleyball net down in the water. My camera died before I could get the same shot on Monday, but the net was totally out of the water by then, and back on dry (well, super muddy) land by then.

Bee's MRI

Bee had one of her twice-yearly MRI's last Thursday to check-up on her optic glioma (tumors around her optic nerves). Her appointment was scheduled for 10:40 am. We arrived around 10:00 am (okay, pick up your jaw Mom) hoping they were actually on time. At 10:45 they came in to tell the other parents in the waiting room that the little one before them was taking more time than anticipated and their wait would probably be at least another hour and a half ! Then they turned to us and told us that we probably wouldn't get in until at least 1:00! Yikes! Poor Bee was starving already and very much looking forward to lunch on the way home, then we had to break it to her that she had to wait even longer! They at least gave her some apple juice, which I had her drink out in the hallway away from the other little boy who's test would be sooner so he couldn't have any! These little people with medical issues are expected to be so brave, and sometimes it's just not fair ya know! We went out and got the mini DVD player out of the car, and put on a video for her and the other little guy waiting. That soon became boring though. Thankfully we had taken the laptop so I could work on Sunday School material while we waited, so Smart Guy tapped into the Cleveland Clinics wireless and got her on Playhouse Disney, which kept her occupied and happy until it was time to go back !!



Yep, still waiting...

Finally, we go back, she changes into her green gown, and the nurse brings her a warm blanket straight from the warmer. We wrapped her up in it and then added her blankey (Sara Orange's gift when she was born) and her bunny and she was a happy camper!!

After waiting for a while longer, the anestisiologist (yah, butchered that one I know) came in and told us all the things we've already heard about ten other times during all of her other MRIs, but they have to repeat them again. I do have to say, that the nurses up there are great. They now recognize us when we come in and totally respect the fact that we know what we're doing at this point. A couple of the nurses even remember the circumstance surrounding Bee's last MRI and my own health status at the time. Pretty amazing considering all the many patients that they see in there. So anyway, when they do an MRI on a small child, they typically put them under sedation so they'll be still and not be scared of all the noise. Most of the time they also give Bee something to drink beforehand to make her groggy to relax her. Bee calls this stuff "happy juice". The last three times she's had her MRI done , she has opted out of the "happy juice". She says it tastes bad and she couldn't be anymore relaxed than she is. She's old hat at this stuff by now, and just walks right back there. So, then they ask what kind of lipgloss she wants put in her gas mask, so that it smells good as she's dozing off. This time, she chose to have all of them smeared in there together. It was very yummy smelling.
They brought the mask in for her to hold onto after they put the lipgloss in it and you'd have thought she'd never seen one before, she was so fascinated with it.

I love this picture.

Afterwards. There's not a whole lot of things funnier than a half-drugged Bee. After one of her MRIs, I had her say her ABCs to me (she totally messed it up, it was hilarious ), so now everytime she wakes up, one of the first things she does is recite her entire alphabet. This time though, she did it perfectly!!

Drinking her apple juice. They make her drink 1/2 cup of juice before they'll take her IV out. They put the IV in to give her the sedating drugs. They do it after they've already knocked them out with the gas, so she never knows their doing it.

We finally arrived back home around 5:00. It was a longggggg day!!

Warm Day

I took these pics on one of those strangly warm days that was in the 70's sometime during the last two weeks. Bee and the little girl next door played outside until it started raining. They both started out in tennis shoes and quickly realized that boots were need to play in the mud. They were a mess, but they got some much needed time outside to run around.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cleveland Clinic Day

Greetings from the Cleveland Clinic. Bee is having an MRI done, and so we sit here and wait. They usually have her back there about an hour before they call us back to be with her while she wakes up. Her original appointment was at 10:40, but one of the little ones before her took much longer than anticipated, so here it is almost three hours later and she's just went in about ten minutes ago.

We had some horrible wind last night. They were saying it could reach sustained winds of 30-50 and gusts up to 65 or so. It sure sounded like a train was coming through the house a few times during the night. I almost woke the kids up to have them sleep downstairs a couple times, but then it would let up for awhile. There didn't seem to be any major damage as we left town around 8:40 this morning. All the traffic lights were working, so I'd assume that nobody lost power. Ours dimmed a few times, but never went completely out. Once we got into Cleveland, there were several traffic lights out, which was of course causing trouble. It's amazing how many people apparently don't how to go through an intersection when the traffic light is out. If there wasn't a wreck somewhere in the city this morning, it's a miracle.

Bee and I are supposed to be heading for West Virginia after we get back home from this appointment today, but we may wait until tomorrow morning now that everything pushed back later in the day than we'd planned. We're having a baby shower for my little sis-in-law tomorrow night and then on Saturday we're having a small family birthday party for D.K. and Bee. D.K.'s birthday was last Saturday (yes I missed posting about it, I feel like a horrible mother), and Bee's is Saturday on Valentine's Day. I told the two of them that they needed to discuss what kind of cake or dessert they wanted to have and decide on something for me to make. Ha! The one thing that Bee said she didn't want was the only thing that D.K. wanted! Oh brother!! So I told them I'd pick something myself. I was thinking about a hoho cake, but just remembered this morning that they had mentioned awhile back that they'd like to have a donut cake. A donut cake is where you take a bunch of cake-style donuts and frost each one individually and then put sprinkles and funky candles all over it. I made one for Prophet's 9th birthday party. It was something he came up with himself, and it turned out really cool!

Well, later!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Party and Beautiful Weather

I have two little girls in my backyard playing in the mudd that really needed the outside time and fresh air. I know it's gonna be shortlived fun, but it wonderful while it's lasting. As I type, the sky is getting darker and darker while another storm front moves in. It's currently 67 degrees, but a cold front is supposed to be moving in this evening bringing with it winds up to 60 mph! That could make for a fun night and even more fun trip up to Cleveland tomorrow morning. The snow is finnaly almost completely gone! Our town looks so strange now... it's actually not white!!

Bee had her Valentine's day party at school today. As always, there was lots of sugar and fun! After I came home and loaded my pics into the computer, I realized that none of the pictures of Bee by herself came out clear enough to post, so most of these have Mady in them (Angela's youngest).

Mady and Bee playing bingo with pink, red, and white candy corn.

Mady with frosting on her tongue!!

Playing "Who Stole My Valentine?". Mady on the floor with the pink shirt. Bee in the chair in the purple.

The kids sorted thru about 1000 foam hearts this morning. I had one stuck on the bottom of my shoe. The hearts on Mady's shoes here were on the bottom of hers. The white one with red dots is still currently on the front of my shirt where Mady put it as she was leaving school this morning.

The pillows are vultures. They go along with a story that the teacher read to them first thing this morning about two vultures drinking vinegar at a Valentine's Day dance. There were about 20 different v-words in the story. Very funny!!

Ang as her usual "sweet and quiet" self! Ha! Half the pics I see of her, she's got this same look on her face with her head tilted to the side, as if to say "I'm so shy". If you know her, you know she's anything but quiet! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Folks we have a sighting that few have seen in Northern Ohio for weeks and weeks, quite possibly almost two months....

We have grass. I was beginning to wonder if it had all gotten up and walked down to the southern part of the country, but it's actually there. I'm so thrilled. Of course, it's a soggy marsh around here from the frozen tundra thawing it, but that's okay, at least it's supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow. It's also supposed to rain in the morning... floods here we come!!

Pics From The Weekend

What can I say?

D.K. quietly contemplating something.

Prophet after a shower.

Grannie and Paw with everyone.

New Look

So, I've been looking around for a new template to match the header that I made awhile back, and hadn't had any luck finding something that I liked. Then I came across the LeeLou blog templates, and there it was! I'm so excited. I absolutely adore this new look! The link to the website is over on the sidebar. They are easy to change and you don't lose any of your info when you change!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lots to Do (Read... My House Is A Horrible Mess And My Parents Will Be Here Tonight)

What I need to get done today...
- wash sheets, put back on beds (done)
- wash towels (done)
- dust (done)
- sweep kitchen floor (done)
- mop kitchen floor (done)
- clean both bathrooms (done)
- sweep kids' rooms (done)
- vacuum downstairs (done)
- make pot pie for dinner (done)
- make and take b-day treats for D.K. (done)
- have kids put their laundry away (done)
- finally put away boxes of Christmas tree ornaments (done)
- have kids clean up the family room (done)
- take a nap (yeah, right)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What We Ate

The first evening we were down there, we ate at Bubba Gumps. The signs on the table were there to let the servers know if everything was okay (Run, Forest, Run), or if we flipped to the red sign underneath, they knew to stop and check in with us.

The shirt and braces that young Forest wore in the movie.

My already eaten plate of fried shrimp and fries. I thought the Greenbow, AL newspaper was a cool touch. (that's where the movie took place)

Smart Guy drinking a beer. He looks bombed in the picture, actually he'd been awake for over 36 hours by the time of this was taken, so he's just exhausted.

Yet, another picture of my husband and a beer. This was a The Crescent City Brewhouse.

My shrimp po'boy... yum, it was so good! The mound that looks like mashed potatoes is actually potatoe salad. It was a little wierd.

Smart Guy's alligator sausage, sauerkeraut, and potato salad.

Friday night we met up with a youth ministry exchange formunite that happens to live down there, and had dinner at Pat O'Briens on Bourbon Street. These are alligator bites and honey mustard sauce. They were actually quite tasty... although very chewy.

Bread Pudding at Pat O'Briens. Wow, I'll be dreaming about that stuff for along time. Next time we go back to New Orleans, this will definitely be one of the first things we get!

Our last day, we went to The Red Fish Grill. This is a 1/2 eaten shrimp and bacon club sandwich! Another amazing meal!

This is Cafe Du Monde. The original coffee house. It's been in business is since the 1930s if I remember correctly. Pretty much the only thing they sell is coffee, milk, juice, and beignets.

One of their world famous beignets.

Smart Guy enjoying his beignets.

This is the inside of the bag. There was probably 2 cups of powdered sugar left over in the bottom of the bag when we were finished.

Ruby told me to eat a beignet for her at Cafe Du Monde, so Ruby, this bite was for you.

This is looking down thru the top of our wire-top table to the ground. I was covered with powdered sugar. It was everywhere. Of course some of what's on the ground was already there. They must hose that place down every single night with as much sugar as there was on the ground everywhere.

We ate really well while we were down there. I had shrimp at almost every meal. Yum! The ELCA (The Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America) also put on a spread for us twice in our hotel with several "New Orleans" type foods... mufelattas, jambalya, creole meat pies, cajun glazed ham, and a few others. Most of it was way too hot for my wimpy taste buds, but Smart Guy loved it.