Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Party and Beautiful Weather

I have two little girls in my backyard playing in the mudd that really needed the outside time and fresh air. I know it's gonna be shortlived fun, but it wonderful while it's lasting. As I type, the sky is getting darker and darker while another storm front moves in. It's currently 67 degrees, but a cold front is supposed to be moving in this evening bringing with it winds up to 60 mph! That could make for a fun night and even more fun trip up to Cleveland tomorrow morning. The snow is finnaly almost completely gone! Our town looks so strange now... it's actually not white!!

Bee had her Valentine's day party at school today. As always, there was lots of sugar and fun! After I came home and loaded my pics into the computer, I realized that none of the pictures of Bee by herself came out clear enough to post, so most of these have Mady in them (Angela's youngest).

Mady and Bee playing bingo with pink, red, and white candy corn.

Mady with frosting on her tongue!!

Playing "Who Stole My Valentine?". Mady on the floor with the pink shirt. Bee in the chair in the purple.

The kids sorted thru about 1000 foam hearts this morning. I had one stuck on the bottom of my shoe. The hearts on Mady's shoes here were on the bottom of hers. The white one with red dots is still currently on the front of my shirt where Mady put it as she was leaving school this morning.

The pillows are vultures. They go along with a story that the teacher read to them first thing this morning about two vultures drinking vinegar at a Valentine's Day dance. There were about 20 different v-words in the story. Very funny!!

Ang as her usual "sweet and quiet" self! Ha! Half the pics I see of her, she's got this same look on her face with her head tilted to the side, as if to say "I'm so shy". If you know her, you know she's anything but quiet! :)


STEPH said...

I wish I could have helped out in Bryce's class.. we were in Cleveland all day.. YUCK!! Bryce said he had a lot of fun though.. And yes and amen to Angela being far from quiet.. I think when she see's a camera her head does that whole automatic tilt.. lol.. Luv ya Ang..


I think I might of got one of Bee by herself...I look so fat in that pic you took of me!



Kristy said...

These pics make Lily jealous. She's dying to play with Bee and Mady.