Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Butt Dialer

Everytime I see this commercial I think of Inkling's hubby! I had to post it for it so she could see it since she doesn't have a TV (smart couple they are).


Kristy said...

lol Cute!

Inkling said...

His butt sends me text messages all the time! Really, they should have used us in the commercial. =)

in other news, we have 6+ inches of snow....and our gong show landlord told me that he didn't "really feel like clearing snow" when I asked him nicely if he would clear at least part of our shared driveway and told him Pharmacist was arriving in the next hour and would not only need to get up the driveway but would need to carry luggage up it too. Ah, the joys of gong shows. At least the copious amounts of snow covered up his gong show of a messy yard so that Pharmacist thinks we live in a beautiful place. =)

And in still other news, I discovered my own butt won't be dialing any numbers or any other activity for awhile. It is, shall we say, inside out. If the docs can't fix this one, I may sign up for the first butt transplant. I was thinking that with everything going on with that whole situation and how everything feels like it's falling out of my body, that it would be an okay thing if my uterus just went ahead and dropped out too. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about birth control. =) See, there is merit in being best friends with someone who has her own chronic issues to face with humor and grace. You are teaching me to find the funny in the midst of the pain in the ass facts of my injuries. And yes, that pun was totally intended.

love you and can't wait to have you visit us soon!!!


I know I think its funny too!