Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Got Seriously Dumped On

I wish I had the camera here, but Jeff took it with him to Charlotte. When all was said and done, we ended up with around 16 inches of snow. Wet and heavy snow. The kind that makes your back scream "mercy" while your shoveling it away. What I wouldn't do for a snowblower right now. I mean, really, who lives in northeastern Ohio without a snowblower?... Oh yah, us po' folk. I'm just dreading tomorrow morning when I try to roll out of bed and every muscle in my body is screaming at me to just forget it and stay in bed. The boys helped alot, but I still had to do quite a bit. Our neighbor finally felt sorry for me because Jeff is gone right now and finished off the last two feet or so. Ya know, the nasty stuff that gets shoved into your driveway when the snowplows go by. The dirty, icy stuff that is rockhard. The kids have been out several times today to play and shovel. Each time they come back in, they'd throw their stuff in the dryer, and then head back out when it was all dry again. I realized last night that my boys' boots are alot easier to put on than mine are, and since they fit me perfect, that what I used most of the time. Which meant that many time one of them was waiting for their boots to be removed from my feet so they could go back out! Bowzer has also had a blast today in the snow. His 12 year old self goes out and bounds through the snow drifts that come up to his back and then he explodes out of them throwing snow out of his mouth and into the air. It's really quite entertaining to watch!

We had soup made from all the leftovers that have been collecting in the fridge this week, so it was quite a hodge-podge of stuff, but Bee declared it the best soup she's ever had. Too bad, she'll never have that exact soup again. :) We're gonna have ice cream to cap off the day and then watch a movie in the family room while we go to sleep!

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Angie said...

16 inches! You have to be freakin' kidding me...see this is why I live in the South. I mean I'd like to see 16 inches and play in it some...but not live in it! Jeepers!