Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overheard Conversation

This is the conversation I heard from the family room while I was making dinner last night...

D.K. - Get off of his head!

Noise, yelling, general uproar.

D.K. - No,seriously Bee, get OFF OF HIS HEAD!

D.K. & Prophet - EWWWWWWW, GROSS!

You'd think that being the girly-girl that she can be, that gas wouldn't be so funny, but apparently it's alot funnier than anyone of us could imagine! Oh my!


KristyEgg said...

The other night Lily went to my husband like she was going to sit on his lap, paused and tooted right on him. She laughed hysterically. How do cute little girls get to be so gross? My husband's expression was priceless though!


with 3 girls we have had that happen many times!! girls can be gross too!