Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where Are Our Priorities?

My hubby came home so incredibly frustrated yesterday. He attented a meeting yesterday to discuss how we can overcome the poverty we have in our town. There were approx. 80 people there. There were social agencies, community leaders, and a few churches respresented at this meeting. BUT, the only youth pastor was my hubby. While frustrated by this, it's nothing new, pretty typical.

Then after the meeting he went back to his office, and sitting there in his inbox was an email from one of the youth pastors at one of our larger churches in town addressed to every single youth pastor in town. It was concerning "The Golden Compass". This youth pastor wants everyone to boycott the movie and to call the theatre in town to tell them not to bring it here. He wants everyone to call for a boycott of the movie from the pulpit.

Hello, anyone there.... you mean to tell me that there was a major meeting concerning how we can quite possibly elimate poverty in our beautiful town and you're sitting at your desk in your comfortable office writing an email (to go along with the other 100's of emails and blogs ) warning about the dangers of a stupid movie to all the other youth pastors who also didn't attend the meeting.

Wow! This is one of those things that I just don't understand guys!

BTW, I'm currently reading the books and we totally intend to see the movie and take the teens to see it and then go out for coffee to discuss it. My hubby has already done a lesson about it on Sunday. I completely plan to make my own decision regarding the movie and the books, and not be led by someone else to tell me what to do with my faith!

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Anonymous said...


Let's just beat them with stupid sticks shall we? Ok maybe I shouldn't be promoting violence by writing that. It just gets me that they could have been with your hubby discussing on so many levels of how to help the community instead lets send out SPAM email of DO NOT SEE THIS. How is that helping compaired to the levels Smart Guy is/was attempting? Going back to my corner. If anyone passes by could I have a cup of hot cocoa and miniature marshmellows. Please..