Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I took this shot of the pile of snow in our church parking lot this afternoon to show you how big the plowed pile of snow still is after our big snow 11 days ago. This is even after many days in the 40's, at least one in the 50's, and lots of rain.
Thankfully the only piles left in town are the ones in parking lots from all the plowing done. Everywhere else there was beautiful grass and in some spots (my front yard) little green sprouts popping out of the ground!

So, can anyone tell me what's wrong with these pictures?

They were taken just a few hours ago. Yep, more snow. The grass is once again not visible at this hour. Snow, snow go away! We don't want you anyway! So, after raining for the last 48 hours and flooding everything in sight, it then began snowing big flakes. While these flakes would have been considered amazing and would have caused quite a stir amongst the kids in December, even they have grown tired of them. All they see now is their summer vacation days getting marked off the calendar. Ugh! Enough already!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow...We get threatened with it you get slammed with it. Hope it stops YESTERDAY!!!