Friday, January 9, 2009

Daisy Scouts

What do you get when you put a five-year-old who has not a shy bone in her body and a Girl Scout cookie order form together?

Sixty boxes sold in just over 24 hours!!

I'm being totally honest when I say that I didn't sell a single one of those boxes. She did it all herself. There was only one person she asked that didn't buy from her and that person has a scout himself. She approached every single person herself and asked them without my help. She was able to tell them when they would be in, when they needed to pay, that the new "dulce de leche" cookie is good because she tried one last night at her troop meeting, and that each box is $3.00. I would have never been that good when I was a kid. I'm still not, which is why selling Tupperware didn't work out for me back in the late '90s. I always felt like I was bugging people. Of course, Girl Scout cookies sell themselves. Between that, her blue Daisy Scout smock, her big brown eyes, and her amazing sales pitch she was bound to succeed!! Of course, now I have to sort and deliver all those cookies at the end of February,and who knows how many more she'll end-up selling before January is over!!



Ive sold most of them over the years for my girls...geesh!! Its not like theyre shy but I guess around people they dont know they are...oh well...Mady can say that new cookie name better than me...I still cant pronounce it right...I heard they were gross tasting but that was from a kid so who! glad to have you back blogger friend!!

Kristy said...

I need to buy some off of her and I meant to get some from Angela too, but I keep forgetting. We love girl scout cookies. And good job Bee!

Anonymous said...

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