Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm So Sick

You heard me right, two days before I'm supposed to leave on my trip with my hubby, I'm horribly sick... sick of sliding on ice when walking through parking lots, sick of snow in my shoes because I'm sick of wearing my boots everywhere, sick of shoveling snow, sick of my boogers freezing everytime I step outside, sick of stepping in the melted snow on my kitchen floor with just my socks on (I particularly hate that one), sick of wet boots at the back door, and sick of keeping track of gloves and such!

Lucky for me, I'm leaving this place that warmth forgot and moving on to warmer lands! New Orleans here I come! Okay, so it's not the Bahamas by any means, I mean the warmest it's supposed to be while I'm there is somewhere around 68, BUT THAT'S STILL A HECK OF A LOT WARMER THAN HERE! Shoot that's almost 85 degrees warmer than it was last week!!

So, one of two things is going to happen. One, I'll be refreshed and come back to the frozen tundra a new woman ready to face the cold head on for another two months or so. Or Two, I'll come back after enjoying the freedom from the dreaded cold and end up with spring fever so bad that I'll sell all of my children to pay for another plane ticket back down south*!! We shall see!

We head up to Cleveland tomorrow to pick up Bee's new brace and have some x-rays done before we head to the orthopedist's office so he can give us the news that Bee's back has once again gotten several degrees worse! If this child doesn't end up in surgery by the time she's ten, it's gonna be nothing short of a miracle! It's gonna be an all day event with three separate app'ts going on. Of course they couldn't all be in the same building, they are totally spread out. If you've never experienced the Cleveland Clinic you don't know what you're missing! That place is huge. Of course it's also one of the best hospitals in the world so I'll deal with it!

Well, we've got a big day tomorrow, and I also have to finish packing and get this monstrosity of a house somewhat cleaned up before I head out on Wednesday afternoon!! Later!!

*disclaimer... For any morons thinking about calling child services on this warmth deprived mother,I wouldn't really sell my children, it was a joke, so don't bother.


John Osborne said...

Before you sell them, call. We may be able to work out another arrangement.

STEPH said...

Oh man Stacey I Cleveland Clinic backwards with my eyes closed.. Faith spent 45 days in there last year.. and you are right that place is massive! But it is the best hospital!

Kristy said...

Oooh I hate wet socks from melted snow too. So annoying.


I say sell the children...GO FOR IT! sounds good to me...oh and the whole stepping in wet snow with my socks a daily thing here & I hate it!!!