Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Best-Friend

Ya know, some nights I'm just not sleepy, and unlike when my children say they aren't sleepy, I can stay up if I want to. Tonight would be one of those nights. Tonight is also one of those nights when I absolutely hate the physical distance between my best-friend and I. For those of you that don't know, she lives in British Columbia, Canada. Everyday for the last two weeks has been hard, but it just gets more difficult for her by the day.

Ya see, she had her first baby two weeks ago tonight. She, like most of us moms, had dreams and visions in her head of what life would be like with her new babe. Much like me, she's been dreaming those dreams since she was five years old, and pulling up her shirt to nurse her baby dolls. Well, while the dreams of a beautiful, amazing gift from God have come true in her blessed little Grasshopper, the visions of what life would be like have not yet come to pass.

Her recovery from childbirth has been rough to say the least, and just as she wanted to be able to lay her eyes on my children and I two-and-a-half years ago when we had our nasty wreck, I want to be able to lay my own eyes on her and put my arms around her and tell her that it will be okay. The difference is that she was at least able to send her parents to my house so they could be her eyes and ears in those days after our wreck.

Once again, her mom is being eyes and ears for one of us... for which I'm grateful. Inkling's parents are with her, Henry David, and Grasshopper while she recovers. I'm so grateful that they are there. I'm glad that I'm getting reports from someone who is looking at her.

Each and every time Inkling or her mom has asked me to pray, all I can say is "I haven't quit yet." She's never out of my mind. I'm praying constantly. I'm praying for quik healing. I'm praying for her mind to be eased. I'm praying for comfort. I'm praying for Henry David to be able to endure. I'm praying that God wraps his arms around her and holds her up until healing comes.

Since last summer, Inkling and I have had plans for me to fly out to visit in February. About 3 days before Grasshopper was actually born, we changed those plans. We decided that since my little SIL is due at the end of February and she has honored me by inviting me into her birthspace, and that we really wouldn't be able to do anything fun together in February with a brand new baby anyway, that we were going to wait until May for my visit to take place. Well, that sounded fine at the time, but now...

I know her mom's there. I know her hubby's taking good care of her. I know her dad is there too. But, as her best-friend, I need to see her. This sucks...bigtime!

Please be praying for my dear, orange-headed friend.

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FarmWife said...

Honey, you know I am.

I've was so worked up about it last night that I dreamt Henry David brought her down so we could all see her. They were too scared to bring Grasshopper with them, so they left him in BC while they flew home. It was an odd dream to say the least.

I haven't talked to her since Grasshopper was born. At this point, I just want her to get well & I want to hear her voice laughing on the other end of the line!