Friday, July 27, 2007

Dr. Seuss on the Loose

That was the name of the camp that Bee attended every morning this past week at the local Arts Center. Here's pics of today's closing celebration time the kids did to show off their fun week.

The entire group modeling their hats and masks. It was so funny watching them walk in with the masks on because most of them couldn't see thru them so the teachers were directing them along by the arms as they lined up.

Bee's hat wouldn't stay on, so she held it up and put it back on several times while up front.

When she saw me taking her picture she turned on the charm.

These are some of the crafts from the week. There were more, but some of them had her name plastered on them in big foam letters and colored glue, so those were off-limits. Notice the clay green eggs and ham. Those are actually real clay that has been fired and everything. Cool, huh!

I'll have pictures of the boys' celebration and crafts later. Bee's camp was only 9-12. The boys' camp is also Dr. Seuss, but because they are older it goes 9-4 each day. Later taters!!

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