Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thru The Eyes of a Child

The area we have moved to has the largest Amish population in the country. That said, I've wondered how long it will take for my kids (okay, I admit it, me too)to not stare when we see them in a store or restaurant. They drive their horse and buggies around town slowing down traffic. Someone enevitably tries to go around them. I've seen a couple of near accidents already.

Well, yesterday while we were at Aldi, an Amish mom and two daughters came into the store. They all three had on simple blue dresses and black bonnets. The mother and the older daughter, maybe 12 had on black shoes. I happened to notice them walk in right behind me, so when Bee excitedly (and loudly) said "Mommy look at that little girl," I immediately assumed she was pointing out what is a very obvious wardrobe difference between them. I tried to quiet her without making a big deal of it. I'm sure they tire of the stares and comments at times.

The next thing Bee said made me realize that little ones don't see the world the way we do as grown-ups. She simply said, "But Mommy, she gets to go barefooted in the store. I want to not wear shoes too. Why can't I go barefooted when I leave our house?" Uuuhhhh..... she didn't see what I saw. All her precious little eyes saw were the barefeet of a peer who was doing something she loves to do... go barefoot!!

If only we all could see past our differences!!

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Nan said...

What a precious story! My grandkids, especially the least one, think barefeet are best too.