Friday, July 6, 2007

Moving In!!

Hey everyone! I don't have alot of time to sit and write, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're Ohio and doing good. The carpet was in when we got here. The paint was almost done. The painter had to come back on Monday morning to finish the family room, but the rest of the rooms were finished. I've been decorating everything this week. That's usually the first thing on my agenda. It's much more fun to unpack boxes and put stuff away when your house looks good. I've decided that it's okay if it takes awhile to get things all put away. I'll do six or seven boxes a day until it's done. I get tired real quick right now and it's not worth it to push it when there's really no dead line. I'd rather get worn out playing with my kids.

Speaking of the kids. D.K.'s really lonely. Prophet has been with Mom and Dad since last Thursday before we moved. They went to the Smokies on vacation. I feel sorry for him. The boys are always together. They play together. Ride bikes together. They've slept in the same room since D.K. was two months old and moved out of our room. They're best-friends. He's told us he misses Prophet several times. Prophet, on the other hand, has been having a blast with Granny and Pa's undivided attention. Right now, they're in the Nashville, TN area at my uncles's house until Sunday morning. The kids and I leave for Mom and Dad's in the morning, so we'll be there when they get back from TN on Sunday. Next week is my home church's vbs and it's a tradition that we always go home that week so my kids can go. So, we'll be there next week. I looking forward to a relaxed week. Mom doesn't have any babies due this month, so we plan on walking to the library to read and relax everyday. We'll probably go to the state park five minutes away too. We may even go camping. Although Mom and Dad just went this week, so they may not wanna go again this week.

We finally got a new computer. I'm so excited. It actually stays on when I want it to. It's very cool! It actually has a place to insert my camera's memory card directly into it. This is apparently a common feature to most these days. My mom wasn't really impressed with that, nor was my cousin. But it's new me and therefore amazing! So, you should see more pictures of us in the future as soon as I figure out how to use it. Maybe I'll even get pictures of our new place on here.

I had an appointment with my new colo-rectal surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic last Monday. Unfortunately I have to have surgery again on July 20. At least I know ahead of time this time around. The last three times they were last minute things that I barely had time to plan for. She said she'll change the setons to a different material that they use there so they'll be more comfortable. She also told me that there is no need for me to "floss" the setons. Apparently there's two school's of thought on flossing... "to floss" or "not to floss"... that is the question. She comes from the school of no flossing. Hurray!! I still have to take to sitz baths a day, but that's okay. The flossing wasn't fun though! The church here is finding someone to keep the kids the day and night of the surgery so it'll be quiet here and Mountain Mom ( my mil) is coming over some time Friday and staying all night to help. We didn't even ask the church for help, they just jumped in when Smart Guy mentioned to someone I was having surgery again. What a concept!

They also decided that we shouldn't have to pay for our own pool pass for the local pools, so they are reimbursing us for that. They are also paying for our carpet, and possibly for the painting and the fence. Wow! When we pulled in with the moving van last Saturday, there were about 20 people here waiting to help unload the van. There were snacks and drinks. Someone brought dinner to us four nights in a row and we've been to two cookouts this week. I haven't cooked yet. I actually put one of the casseroles in the freezer for later because there was so much food! They've definitely made us feel welcome!! They seem to be a wonderful group of people! Please pray for me as I work on trusting them to do as they say they will!

One of the female leaders in the church asked me about my blog tonight. She said she'd been trying to find it and couldn't. I simply told her that she would never find it by typing in my name and left it at that. I hope she wasn't offended when I didn't give her the address. I told her that it was basically my journal and private.
Well, I think that's all! I'm sure I'll think of more, but right now I've gotta go pack. We're leaving at 7 am and I haven't started packing yet!! BTW, Cleanin' Cuz found out today that she's having a girl. So, that'll be two girls and a boy!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweety!!
I'm so glad you are there, unpacked and making your new home yours. I'll put your surgery down on my calendar. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Saying extra prayers for little one that he finds ways to fill the void of his loneliness. Lots of Hugs

Inkling said...

Thanks for calling me today. You made my day.

It was awesome to hear and read everything the church is doing. There is a part of me that is like you - holding my breath to see if they really are as good as they seem to be, and if they will keep their word. But there is a part of me that wants to jump up and down, saying, "Hey Indiana dudes, check out this Ohio group. They actually look like the Church we read about in the Bible!" What a freakin' concept......people who actually care. Who knew that would be such a doggone big deal?!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

So glad things are looking good there! Hoping and praying that your new church family helps ease your battered hearts. Trust may be aways off yet, but it'll be all the sweeter when it comes. ~hugs~

Farm Fairy & Bruno said...

Hi sweetie...I am glad you have so much help. I just with Ang & I could be there. Your new doc sounds great. Glad to hear you are all settling in. And too much food? No such thing. But please take it easy, we worry about you so much.

Caslon said...

So glad to hear things are going well!!

Angie said...

rock on, love it when the church acts like a true family...refreshing huh? i'm so glad you are safe and getting settled in. love ya...and yes i know that i am older than you...respect your elders, young whipper snapper....

Farm Wife said...

I'm so glad you're getting settled & all is well. I pray that this new church home stays as supportive as they are now. It's awesome that they've stepped up like that. I'm so relieved!

Wish I could make the trip to G'ma M&M's to see you & the kids, but alas, I'm not up to the drive yet. Enjoy VBS!!!

Amy Harden said...

great news! I am really glad that this church family is stepping up to the plate. You guys deserve much better than our church gave.

Not to make you sad, but Kalli's been asking about Bee. My heart is breaking and I'm not sure how to explain to her that her best friend moved away. There was this little blond haired girl in the airport today and she started yelling "hey B-" after her... I almost started crying.

Much love from Indiana.

a wandering heart said...

So glad you are getting settled into your new home!

May you and your kids find some special people to bond with, to lessen the pain of being far from loved ones left behind.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Here!

Hey, you need to call me with your new number as I have felt lost in the middle of the day and I pick up the phone to call you but DON'T KNOW YOUR NUMBER! AHHHHHHH!

Smiles :) Call me!

crt said...

thrilled to hear your getting settled.