Friday, June 29, 2007

Packed Up

Hey guys! It's been a long couple of days. Right now all of my worldly possessions are on the moving van in front of my house... except the computer obviously. I don't plan on taking it with me because I want a new one!!!! This one is almost ten years old and not in good shape. It freezes up and shuts off randomly at least 10 times a day. Bee and my niece are in an empty bedroom with some blankets and the portable DVD player "trying" to take a nap before this evening. Tonight is the VBS closing program and then the youth sponsors, parents, and teens are getting together for a goodbye party at a friends house. We're all sleeping at the home where the party is tonight and plan to head-out for Ohio by 8 am tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

The painter has been working on the new house this week, the carpet people are supposed to be there today. Hopefully it'll be finished when we get there tomorrow afternoon. If it is, I'll be one happy camper!!

I have my first appointment with my new dr. on Monday afternoon at the Cleveland Clinic, which is one of the best in the country for crohn's disease. Some say it's the absolute best.

Prophet is with Mom and Dad. They are driving to the Smokies for vacation as I type. They should be somewhere around Louisville, KY right now. Prophet is so excitet to have his Grannie and Pa all to himself for an entire week. This morning after his shower, he went into the kitchen to toast a bagel for his breakfast and looked at my mom and said, "Grannie, this is just like being an only child again."
In case you didn't catch the funny part of that... Prophet is only 17 months older than D.K., so he doesn't remember being an only child. He's a hoot! I know they'll have fun. They'll be camping in Mom and Dad's camper, going fishin', cookin' on a campfire, swimming, and going to Dollywood. I'm sure he'll be full of stories when he gets back!!

Well, I must do a little bit of cleaning. We've actually got someone coming in to clean next week, but it's so dirty in here that I have to do some cleaning or I'd be embarrassed. It had moved beyond dirty to gross sometime during the last couple weeks! EWWWWW!!

Later people, it'll be next week before I post again. Our internet won't be turned on until the end of the week. I may go into Smart Guy's office and post, but I doubt it!! I've got an entire house to unpack!!! Have a good weekend!!


Kimberly said...

I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

I miss ya..I can't wait to hear from you again about the new place.

Heaven said...

I hope you get to your new place safety. Peanut and I are sorry we could not make it tonight. Our softball games got moved because of the rain yesterday. She was really bummed that she did not get to say goodbye. We love you and good luck.

Farm Fairy & Bruno said...

hope you are all well and the move goes carpet and all....camping is always fun but better with the grands!

a wandering heart said...

Praying for a safe journey! Can't wait to hear stories from your new home. Congrats to Prophet on time alone with the Grandparents. How fun!

Caslon said...

Hope things are going well. I'm sure the new carpet and paint will be nice.

I would get the bags and maybe some Sevin spray for the flowers for your Japanese beetles. I got rid of mine but I used some pretty toxic stuff. Sevin is not near as toxic and the bags should help with them being everywhere.

Angie said...

hey how weird is this...we were probably in the same spot...prophet and my family that is. we just got home from the smokies today...cades an RV with my inlaws and a demon possessed dog...good stuff. love ya!