Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For The Record

I just have to get this off my chest...

If you are reading this blog and you read something you don't like, keep in mind that this is MY blog. This is my own personal recordings of my life and my thoughts. The reason it is all in pseudonyms is to maintain my privacy. I will reveal myself to whom I want when I want.

If you know me personally and are reading this blog without a personal invite from me, you have invaded my privacy. When a blog is done in pseudonyms, the only person who should give out the address to that blog to people who know her is the author of said blog unless permission has been given by the author. If you are reading my blog and you know me personally and have not made yourself known by comment or a phone call, I would appreciate you doing so. There's alot going on in our lives right now and I should feel free to express my feelings openly without fear of who may be reading it.

Blogger girls and my family.... My blog address has apparently been given out at church without my knowledge. I'm very unhappy about this. I'm seriously considering changing my address or going private. I'll email those I have addresses for if I chose to and you can all pass it on to everyone else.


Inkling said...

On one hand, I'd love for the folks at your church to read your blog and realize they could have and should have done something more. (if you are talking about the "church" that you are leaving in just a few short days) On the other hand, I know that that could be the reason you were "silenced", and that's simpy not fair. I'm mad for you, and totally understand if you change your blog address. However, if anyone from your old church is reading this comment, I have one thing to say to you...........You SHOULD have done something long ago to help this family. If you have ANY brains, ANY integrity, ANY desire to actually look like the JESUS you claim to know......you should stand up and do the right thing, and speak up when your leaders did the wrong thing.

There. I'm not even staying anonymous on this one. And I even kept myself from sounding like a sailor. Geez. You guys have been through enough. Like you need one more stupid thing to deal with from that horrid, terrible, in-need-of-serious reform church. Trying to be quiet now.......

Kimberly said...

Ouch! That is so crummy! You must have such a headache over all this. ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

Hi, Grace! I am guilty :( --> I am an intruder to your blog. I found your name on someone's list of fellow bloggers, and clicked on it one day. I feel guilty for invading your privacy, but in all honesty I enjoy reading what you have to say, and you are a true inspiration to me. I am actually in the process of trying to get my church to help you in your financial need due to what your old church did you to with your insurance. I've mentioned it to the pastor, but haven't gotten a response. I have also been praying for your family. I am a Christian, and the relative of a preacher, so I know how nasty the "people of God" can actually be. If you'd like more information on me, leave your email address, and I will be glad to divulge anything you want to know. But, just know that your blog IS an inspiration to people, even strangers like me! You are a strong, Godly woman, and I respect you for that even though I don't know you. Sorry for intruding, but I've enjoyed every blog I've read! Like I said, if you want to know more about who I am leave your email address and I'll be happy to give you any information!

In Christ,

a wandering heart said...

Oh, sweetie.. I'm so sorry to hear some people are causing more headaches and sounds like gossip through this. If you decide to go private or change your name, you know how to reach me. Do you want me to take your link off my blog?

Maybe a new blog would be a new fresh start... you could make this one private instead of deleting it so only you and those you want to read it can still get in, and start fresh somewhere new. Or just switch this one to private. I can only imagine your frustraion level right now.

Anonymous said...

sis you could always keep this one and put the information you feel doesn't need to remain private and create another for your friends and family (private) and ask those keep the new link off their blog..Just a thought..

Now as for the anonymous comments and passing on information in the church. Depending who(m) (I can never remember how it's addressed..sorry) forwarded the information good intentions could have been behind it.

Now for those that read and pass on comments of judgement for you leaving, I do believe that is uncalled for. I have a hard time holding my tongue because of judgement. So I will state it this way: It is my OPINION that it was cold and callous of the board to renig or welch on the agreement originally made with your husband in order for him to be hired. It is my opinion that there was other means of communication from the board and had the used the effective means of communication some of this could have been diverted. It is my opinion those that knew there was something askew and sat and did nothing were afraid to use their voice. One voice that was all that was needed when Moses climbed the mountain. One voice was needed when Noah built the Ark. One voice was used when Jesus was earthbound. If enough of those people spoke up with their voice would the situation have changed?

For you to come here and express your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, convictions, morals, integrity, and to be attacked from "anonymous" church members is my opinion cowardly. I pity and pray for them to gather a backbone that they couldn't use their voice and face you, but attack, harrass, and stalk you in written and oral word. It is my opinion they are jealous of you because you stood up to the board. Because you wanted and demanded accountability, integrity, their moral convictions. The same founding convictions they stood before your members and preached.

Ok I've written too much and now I will go back to my corner and hold my tongue. Could someone pass me the lemonade so I can suck on a lemon to keep my mouth shut?

Dreaming again said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Some people just don't think. Then when reality hits them, they just sit there going "but I don't understand! I don't deserve this!" and they never remember that they were not kind, loving and supportive of their brother or sister who was sitting in the place of not deserving it just a few months back.

Hopefully, they learn from that ...but some never do. Some, just become more bitter and then we have hurting christians who hurt others ...

it's a sad cycle and not one that God intended for us, his children.

You, my new friend, are in my prayers.

I hope your move goes smoothly and your health stays at it's best during the move.

Shelly said...

Grace, I have to admit that I have been lurking around your site. I found your blog one day and then I kept coming back. I'm sorry that I didn't make myself known to you earlier. I have a blog of my own I don't hide my identity. I never thought about the reasons that some might want or need to hide their identity.

I have been praying for you and your family. I don’t know what has happened to you but I know that God does and I can help by praying.

You have also been a help to me. When I found your blog I was working through some nasty stuff with my dad and getting over post partum depression (2nd baby). Your blog helped me see that others moms can get through the day-to-day stuff, then I can too.

Thank you,