Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bee's Prayer

When I put Bee to bed tonight, I gave her grief about how messy her floor was and told her that anything not cleaned up and put away by lunch tomorrow would be packed up now and she wouldn't see it again until we moved. Mean? Well, maybe, but every item in her room has a specific place it goes and she knows them all. It's an easy, four-year-old friendly system.

So we say her bedtime prayers and this is what she said.
"Thank you God for June. Thank you for Bowzer. Thank you for Grannie. Thank you for Grandma. Thank you for my beautiful pink and purple room, just NOT THE FLOOR. Amen."

It was one of those moments when I couldn't suppress the giggle!


Farm Wife said...

That is so funny! I can remember my daily/nightly prayer when I was Bee's age. It went something like this:

Dear God, Thank you for today. Thank you for everything except robbers & mustard. In Jesus name I pray...

BTW, saw a pic of your new house on "another" blog. It's precious!

Lauren said...

I love kids' honesty. Well, most of the time.

Angie said...

girl boo just did something similar to me recently. glad you journaled it down cuz that kinda of stuff is priceless. love ya!

Nan said...

Thanks for checking on me Grace. I'm hanging in there. One week exactly to go!