Saturday, June 16, 2007

Movies and Camping

Yesterday morning when Bee woke-up she asked if we could go to a movie and get candy. At first we said "no", but once I thought about it, it sounded like a good idea. So, we went. We broke the theatre rules and brought in outside candy though. I just can't see spending their prices, when I can go into the drugstore and get candy for all five of us with what it would cost for two of us in the theatre. We wouldn't be able to ever treat our kids and that's not fair to them. So, we stopped at the drugstore and told the kids that mommy had to run in and get a small thing of wipes just in case Bee had a bloody nose during the movie. While I was in there, I bought the candy that I had previously asked orders for. They had everyone's order, except Prophet's. He wanted butterfinger minis or butterfinger b.b.'s and they didn't have either one of them. So, I got him a package of eight snack-size bars. When we got to the theatre, we ordered two freezes (with 25 cent refills thats a good deal for all five of us to share) and told the kids that I'd go back out and get the candy after we got our seats and the movie was getting ready to start. So, after a few minutes, I left to "go get the candy". I came back and passed out everyone's candy. I quickly realized why the candy sold in movie theatres is generally sold in a box... wrappers are very noisy during a movie. Everything was fine, until Prophet decided we needed one more refill on the cherry freeze after the movie was over. As we were standing in line together to get it, he was looking at the candy in the display box and saw that they have butterfinger minis and not the snack-size butterfinger bars. Caught!! I fessed up and admitted what we had done. The main purpose behind being sneaky wasn't so the boys wouldn't know anyway, it was so Bee wouldn't tell everyone she saw that she had reese's pieces to eat in mommy's bag as we got our tickets and our drinks. I do however feel guilty for breaking the rules and showing our boys that we are somehow above the rules. Not guilty enough to not do it again though. BTW, did you know that Walmart sells all the same theatre candy in the same size boxes that you get in the movie theatres for 97 cents a box. I think I'm gonna make a stash, so next time we can pick candy before we leave and have it in a quiet box instead of noisy plastic bag and wrappers. Oh yah, it was a really good thing that the theatre was not full and that there was no one sitting within two rows of us in front or back.... Bee farted about 10 times during the movie and they were awful! She thought it was funny and kept covering up her mouth while she giggled. Don't waste your money on "Surf's Up"... it's was pretty bad. The kids liked it, but all said they wished we'd seen Nancy Drew or Shrek instead. Oh well, at least we were all five together at the movies.

Right now, we're at Mom and Dad's house. Mom and Dad actually took the camper out to the nearby state park on Thursday evening to camp. They are out there now. We drove over this morning and got here around noon or so. We went to the cafe at the canoe and tube launch and had ice cream, then the guys all went back to the campsite to relax, Prophet rode his skateboard, and D.K. rode his bike. Mom, Bee, and myself all went grocery shopping for dinner tonight, breakfast at the campsite in the morning, and smores this evening. When we got back from the store, we sat around, talked, and relaxed for awhile, and then we went down to the river bank the kids and I were at with Inkling and H.D. almost two weeks ago to skip rocks. This time I took a chair down with me and sat down for awhile. We caught crawdads and little tiny frogs in muscle shells and watched them swim around in the little tiny bit of water scooped up in the muscle shell. It was fun. Prophet actually skipped a rock 7 times across the river. All three kids wore old sandals so they could get in the water and wade, it's very shallow. Of course they all ended up soaking wet from head to toe. We had told the kids before we down there, that they couldn't swim in the river because it's illegal ( which is true), but while we were down there a family of four got in the water in their swimsuits and went swimming. The mother was pregnant. Personally I think it was really irresponsible to get in that nasty water pregnant. It's not the cleanest river in the world for sure. That's one of the reasons we wouldn't let the kids in further than wading. The fact that it's illegal is just an easy excuse for us to blame it on someone else. Of course when our children saw this other family swimming they were all up in arms because it was so unfair that they couldn't swim too. Oh well... so goes life. We took them straight back to the shower house and put them all in the showers to clean off that nasty water and put them in clean clothes for dinner. We had wienie roast and then smores while we sat around the campfire. At one point, D.K. took Bee over to the showerhouse to help her wash her hands and then left her there. She couldn't remember where our campsite was so she started looking for it. Smart Guy figured out she was missing when D.K. showed up and Bee was nowhere around. We started running around the campgrounds looking for her. Thankfully it hadn't been but a few minutes so she didn't get far. The campsite is actually only three sites to the right of the showerhouse, but she went straight out in front of the building and started walking. It was scarey for a few minutes!

So, now the five of us are all sleeping a Mom and Dad's for the night while they're out at the park in the camper. It's only about 7 minutes from here, so we're going back out in the morning for a good old-fashioned camp breakfast... pancakes and sausage on the coleman stove. There's nothing like the smell of bacon or sausage cooking outside in the morning. Yum! It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Now that we're here, I wish we'd packed up the tent and set it up out there to sleep. We just didn't have time to pack up the sleeping bags and extra stuff required to do that with all of our packing. Hopefully once we get moved we can go camping before school starts. Well, goodnight!

BTW, yes I do realize the irony of breaking the rules one night when it worked to our advantage and then following them next night when they worked in our favor. I know we're horrible people! I'm so sorry!


Heaven said...

I know that you are not the only one that buys the candy and sneaks it in. We do that as well. They are highly over priced at the theatre and if they want me to buy tickets to the movie then they need to realize the average person cannot afford to buy food there too.

The creek sounds like a lot of fun. I love to creek and love to get in the creek and explore.

Amy Harden said...

Sounds truly lovely. Although I'm not much of an outdoorsy girl (big shocker, I know) I do love the occasional camp out. Can't wait until Kalli's a little older and share that adventure with her.

BTW the Dollar store also sells the movie theatre candy for a dollar a pop. :)

Angie said...

yeah so on a totally unrelated note...i love that your blog is all in code with regards to names of your children and on you hubbies you can look up you children by name and see pictures.

yeah so shrek the third rocks!!! you need to go see that one! it was noah's first big movie! he loved it. his vice is popcorn so we can't get away with bringing it in. darn. i have brought in soda in a can is funny to pop the top and see everyone look around. the trick is not to laugh and give yourself away. love ya!

a wandering heart said...

ooh... sounds like fun. Amy said the same thing I was going to tell you about the candy. In fact, I bough some sugar babies at the Dollar Tree just last week. They're gone, of course.

Anonymous said...

campfire food..coleman stove food...NUMMMMYYYYYY!!!!

a wandering heart said...

sounds like you are enjoying as much family time with your parents as you can before the big move! (I don't blame you one bit!)