Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Medical System

Okay, before I start ranting, please know that I know how lucky I am to live in The Land of The Free, the wonderful United States of America. Be forewarned that there is some Bush-bashing in this post, so don't read any further if you're gonna hate me for it. Don't bother telling me he's a good guy, you won't change my opinion of him anymore than I could change yours. Don't bother giving me grief about it, it won't matter. He's a jerk, 'nough said. I know, I know, "you should respect the office". I was taught to respect those who earned it. He, in my opinion, has not earned an ounce of my respect. There's also some words that some of you may consider to vulgar. I even had a Bible college professor who said that there were just times when choice words had to be used. This is one of those times. Who picked those words anyway?

While I know that I'm lucky to live in this country. I don't feel lucky right now. We are one of those families in this country that has worked our asses off for the last 10 years of our lives because of medical bills. We're one of those families that falls in the middle. We don't make enough to pay for the bills, but we make too much to qualify for the freakin' government to give us a free ride like some others that I know.

I've mentioned before that even with insurance, after Prophet was born 12 weeks early and I had to have surgery on my Crohn's two days later, we still owed 30 grand of the total 250 grand. We just have gotten that caught up after almost ten years of spending hardly anything on ourselves. Our credit is still crap.

Now, after these last few months of me being sick again we are right back where we started 10 years ago. In the hole. If the church had done there part and provided what they promised, the insurance would have been better and we wouldn't owe so much. My "insurance" (if you want to give them that much credit) finally decided to pay some of my bills. Of a portion that came to 15 grand or so, they paid a whopping $2000! Can you believe it? That's just the hospital portion of two of the surgeries. That's not the dr.'s, the surgical suite, the bloodwork, the follow-ups. Smart Guy went to the "financial counselors" at the hospitals today to try to work out a payment plan. They wanted $1400 for the next 12 months. Then they offered a loan at 9% for the next several years. That was still $400 a month at each hospital. We simply can't afford that. NO ONE should have to pay interest on their healthcare.

SOMEONE in this country has got to step-in and fix the healthcare system in this place. The freakin' president of our land would be the obvious person, but we all know, even if you think the idiot is a great guy, that as long as he is in charge of things, our medical system will never get better. He's too busy worrying about other lands to give a damn about what's happening to the lower-middle-class people's everyday lives in his own country.

So basically, in about six months we will once again have 20 different creditors sending us letters in the mail once again, because even if you send the hospital $50 a month for each bill that you have they will turn you in.

Those of you who love our president, please don't hate me. I don't hate you for your love of him... I don't understand it, but I still love you.

p.s. So all of you from the church here in IN that are lurking around here without my knowledge and even those of you whom I do know about... we were told by SPRC a few weeks ago that it was too early to expect any kind of help from the church... is it still too early? Oh yah, I forgot, you ran us out? So, I guess if you're not willing to help one of your own, then you're obviously not willing to help now. I am so saddened to feel this way.


Marianne said...

Thinking about you and your famliy today... Please let me know if you need any help... Miss ya.. hope to see ya soon
love you!!

Anonymous said...

oh sweety. I feel for you so much..I wish I could do more for you..But I will keep praying for you, smart guy, and the kids

Anonymous said...

O babe...I wish I had lots of money...I would pay this myself. I'm so sorry.
Love you...

Farm Fairy & Bruno said...

I will never understand how the words of those who invite you can not honor those words. Do they even know the heartache they have caused, not just you and your family, but your blogging sisters who are never sneaky lurkers ...We all cherish you and we are here open and full and full of our love. One does wrong all goes wrong. Love, honor integrity -