Monday, July 16, 2007

Our Day

Well, we got back into town from Mom and Dad's yesterday afternoon. Last night when nine o' clock rolled around and we still hadn't made it to the grocery store, choosing to play outside instead, we decided that we'd go out for breakfast and then go grocery shopping. We ate breakfast at a little cafe' across the street from the church. Bee ordered the children's meal with one scrambled egg, two slices of bacon, and one slice of wheat cinnamon-raisin toast. When the meal came, the egg was huge, there were three slices of bacon, and two huge pieces of cinnamon-raisin toast. I said "that is more than one egg." The waitress said, "We just have big eggs." Uh, this one scrambled egg was huge. So, Bee of course ate all the bacon, one slice of toast, and several bites of her eggs. When the waitress came back to see if we needed anything, Bee said to her "You must think I'm a much bigger girl than I am, " she stands up and with a stroke of her hand from her head to her toes says, " See, I'm just a little girl, you brought me way too many eggs." Everyone around us laughed and the waitress stole Bee away to the kitchen to speak to the cook. Bee marched into the kitchen, looked at the cook, and said "You must have thought that I was a much bigger girl than I am. See, I'm little. My mommy only makes me one egg at a time." Then she grinned at him while he laughed with everyone else within earshot. She then turned around on one heal, hand on hip and very proudly walked out and back to the table. It was hilarious. She will never be forgotten at that place.

After we left there, we went to the Natural foods store for a few things we needed, then to the church to drop off our milk and kefir we'd just bought, then off to Aldi to shop for the rest of the week, and then to kmart for a madd sprint to look for the shin guards the boys needed for soccer camp. They didn't have the right size, so we ran home, took the groceries in, Daddy took the boys to camp, Bee and I ran to the sports store to get the shin guards and then ran to camp a few minutes before they finished their barefoot drills and needed to pull on their shinguards for the rest of the session. I then sat down in the lawnchair stashed in the back of my van and took a deep breath. Forty five minutes later it was Bee's turn for her soccer camp to start, so I moved over to the next field and put my chair between them so the boys could run over and get their drinks while I also watched Bee. About that time, I got a phone call that completely thru my evening for a loop. Bee scored her first soccer goal tonight. She's so excited. Prophet was as usual on the ground as much as he was on his feet. He's the kid on the field that drives everyone nuts because he's so freakin' aggressive. It drives us nuts, but no matter what we or his coach say to him, he won't stop doing it. I'm afraid it's gonna take someone deckin' him to get the point across, but I sure hope not. Everyone finished up soccer at six o clock, we came home. Smart Guy left for a 6:30 meeting at church. I called Inkling and made dinner while we talked. I unfortunately was craving something that took a bunch of chopping... 3 kinds of peppers, zuchini, mushrooms, carrots, and garlic. It would have had onion too, but that apparently didn't make it into my cart at the grocery store, ugh! Then I had to take the tails off of a bunch of shrimp before throwing them into the pot. It was very yummy! I finally got off the phone with Inkling around 8:00 my time, fed my kids and gave them all baths. Then when Smart Guy got home from his meeting, he ate dinner left in the pot on the stove, we all sat down together for a bowl of ice cream and all the kids were put to bed. This is the first time they've all slept upstairs in their own rooms since we moved in here two weeks ago. Of course, we've been gone for a week of that. I'm nervous having them up there while I'm downstairs. I actually pulled the old baby monitor back out so we could here what's going on up there. I know, I'm paranoid, but I've never been that far away from them at night before.

The last two days, I've been using a new pillow on Bee's bed as leverage to get her to do what I want her to. It's a "very cool" butterfly shaped pillow. Well, I notice this evening when I went into her room, that it was no longer on her bed. The little devil hid it so I wouldn't be able to take it away from her. She really has to work on her hiding skills though. I found it in about two seconds, under her bed. I made her get it out and put it back on her bed. She wasn't happy, but she did it.

Please pray for me. I feel very strange... not physically... about things happening right now. Things that need to happen, but hurt so, so bad that it almost makes me ill. Actually, pray for the situation more than me. Please pray for acceptance, admittance (is that a word), and healing, (in many angles). I know I can count on my blogger girls for this! Thanks!!

Now, off to bed to prepare for another busy day tomorrow. Although I don't plan to run around so much. I've got about 300 boxes still waiting in my basement to be unpacked and lots of things still to hang on the walls!!

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a wandering heart said...

Sounds like you got your Money's worth for Bee's meal!