Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ah, Man

Have you ever tried to open a bag of something only to have it suddenly burst open and spew forth all over the place? Been there done that, usually with a bag of chips, or something the dog will eat up off the floor. Tonight, instead it was with a bag of frozen green peas (their small, frozen, round little selves make a delightful pinging sound when they all hit the stovetop and floor and roll EVERYWHERE at the same time) meant to be put into our chicken pot pie! The dog wouldn't touch 'em even if he'd been starved for a year! So that means that I've got to find them all. I think I've got them all, but of course I'm sure I'll find a few the next several times I sweep the floor or move the canisters around on the countertops! Oh well, I could've been worse.

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