Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Boys' 4th Grade Field Trip

The entire group listening to a demonstration about pumpkins, potatoes, wheat, and corn, and how wonderful corn syrup makes our food taste. My boys were muttering under their breath about how bad it is for us thanks to the very anti-corn-syrup diet they eat!!

Homemade, warm potato chips!! They were delicious!!

A HUGE room full of potatoes. This room was about 80 feet deep and the ceiling was as high as most gymnasiums.

Watching potatoes loading.

Prophet's landing after sliding down a huge tunnel slide into a corn crib!

D.K.'s landing.

The hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

The young lady to the right of D.K. has a thing for my son, and it drives me nuts!! She declares her affections for him one day and then the next day she totally ignores him and tells him to get lost! Ugh!!

Everyone picking their pumpkins in the field.

After that we went into the cornmaze in the shape of the state of OH. It was the coolest thing. It was actually a map of OH with all of the roads and rivers marked like a map, with signs of info about the "city" they were walking thru at that time.
The young man at the top has become the bane of my exsistence. He's one of the biggest bullies I've ever encountered in any of the schools we've been in. The young man with his head cut off was a perfect angel the entire day. Thank you!!

Walking the maze.

Damage done to the corn when the effects of Ike came thru our area.

Writing info down on their question sheets. They each were given $10 of school cash for each correct answer they had. They then can use that money for extra recess and such. All four of the boys in my group had alot of the info filled out, but D.K. lost his somewhere between the farm and the school! So, he lost alot of cash from the oops! He was not happy.

You can see the I71 sign leading them thru the maze if they followed the map and compass they had correctly.

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