Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know it won't last, but yesterday I put $30.00 of gas (okay, $30.02) in my tank and it filled it to HALF a tank! Hallelujah!!


Anonymous said...

If the blog fairy comes and fixes it, I will be HAPPY! I have no clue how it got to the bottom. I just viewed my blog the one day without even signing in, and it was like that! If you or SG can figure it out, go for it! Or anyone else! Cuz I sure can't, and it's driving me nuts. Have a great weekend with your kiddos... any fun Halloween parties to attend??


Brianne said...

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it, as always :o)



mine was on 1/4 tank and it only took $30 to push it PAST the full mark!