Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inkling's Blessing

Inkling's "blessing" was almost a week and a half ago, so I thought it was about time that I get my pics up (besides that a couple of my local readers, and I'm sure my grandma) are getting restless about the lack of local bloggers actually blogging so here ya go Angie...

The food table. We had veggies, cupcakes with chocolate frosting, chicken salad sandwiches, pinapple/cream cheese sandwiches, and of course Custard Cup.

Two of the ladies admiring the burp cloths made by Farmwife with the cutest grasshopper flannel ever.

Inkling checkin' out the taggey blanket that I made for Grasshopper (the baby).

The vintage copy Fisher-Price clock that Inkling's mom found for Grasshopper.

There are actually four bloggers in this pic. Farmwife is sitting in the chair, conveniently hidden by Inkling, Anita, and myself. (for those of you that don't read Farmwife's blog, she doesn't post faces of herself or her family)

I took this pic so I could post it on here of Farmwife's two girls, Bitsy and Baby Girl, and my Bee. I joked that we should have gotten a pic of Inkling and the three girls all from the back, but we didn't get it done before Farmwife had to head off for home. The two bigger girls were both in Inkling and H.D.'s wedding.

Aunt Anita and Grandma M&M chattin' it up on the couch!

The amazingly beautiful Inkling herself. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her belly. It's just perfect.


Inkling said...

You'll never believe this, but you have the last pictures of me with really long hair.

Yesterday, I went through a "I feel ugly and less than feminine" moment. So I bravely tried one of those cheap walk-in places and got nearly five inches cut off. A friend had given me a coupon for half off the usual price. Then I came home and did some layering in the front with some wispy bangs. I love it, though I seriously doubt I'll ever place my red tresses in the hands of any worker from one of those places again. It's just too scary, not to mention depressing in terms of lack of intelligent conversation. Still, $8 beats $70. Of course, I can relax under the hands of Aunt Anita, and her prices never go up. I usually have her artistry once a year, but this year I wasn't feeling the "ugly itch" until I got back to West County and its fashion conscious women. Well that, and my face wasn't as broken out as it is today. If I can't have an "alabaster brow", at least I can have cute hair.

Just don't ask Henry David what he thinks if I decide to keep it this length.

a wandering heart said...

It looks like it was a beautiful time!