Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Only In America

Prophet had an American "rite of passage"...

He ate his very first McD's Big Mac! Mountain Mom and Grizzley Dad brought McD's gift cards to all three kids when they drove over for Prophet's game Saturday night. So Sunday afternoon, we had a rare treat and dined on the finest of American cuisine for lunch! Prophet is beginning to explore the "grown-up menu" at most restaurants, so when he asked me for a suggestion, I told him that the Big Mac was fabulous! He tried it and of course loved it. He savored every single bite and "mmmmmmm"ed his way thru the entire sandwich. It was hilarious.

He starts strong!

After a few napkins and reassembling a few times...

By this time, the bottom bun was somehow already eaten. He finished it in layers from this point.

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Anonymous said...

ROFL..I can remember being allowed to order from the adult menu..It was such a priveledge..And I always would ask my mom could we afford this if I have this..I'd get the yes or no approval and then when it was time I'd sit down and enjoy