Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This is From Bee

"I have a scab right there." As she points to her ankle.
"I have flower lotion on me." As she puts her hand in my face.
"We have baby birds and a mommy bird. There's four babies, one mommy, and they don't have a daddy."
"I got glitter glue today. It's red and gray and gold and white and blue."
(she's been begging for glitter and her daddy thought this would be a good compromise since it at least wouldn't be able to fall off on everything. At least it sticks to the paper.)

Well, she's off and running again.


Anonymous said...

the scab is now off ... but her skin will grow back ...

smart guy

crt said...

little minds are so swift. i wish i could think about that many things at one time.

Grace said...

Tell me about it!

Anonymous said...

flitter flitter with the mind. Like a little butterfly.

Miss Bee..A kiss for your booboo. A hug from your friend.

Hugs and love to mommy!

Amy Harden said...

Miss Bee really is a funny kid.

Nan said...

The little one is precious.

Eliza and I didn't have much luck with glitter glue, I hope it works better for you.