Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ya know what? This church really needs our prayers. I'm scared that it could get really nasty as this whole thing comes out. There are many, many people there that we love and don't want hurt. The fact of the matter is that there are only about 12 people involved in this decision process. The rest of them are (were) clueless that this was even going on. We are feeling loved and supported right now. Between our families (Jeff had to peel his mother off the ceiling last night via the phone, if you know anything about his mother is that she's generally a very soft-spoken spirit, but last night I could tell by his tone that she was ripped), our volunteers and parents who have found out, the church staff (minus the senior pastor), Smart Guy's "Youth Ministry Exchange" forum, our friends, and my blog family, we have support and prayers that are immeasurable. Thank you!

Smart Guy is over at the church packing up his office.(during office hours as instructed by "the powers that be".) I can only imagine how he's feeling as he takes his pictures down and packs up his books.


Anonymous said...

The kind people who were clueless this was going on should have the guts to stand up and do something. They should either make the leaders change, or they should get out of there. Vote with their feet...if you know what I mean. Damn. Damn. Damn. And if the people choose to stay and not do anything about it, well, I sure wouldn't want to be a member of that church and ever be in any real need of justice. No one would do a thing. Do these people even know Jesus?

Anonymous said...

12 jurors, 12 deciples...hmmmmmmmmm

My heart says the wake of the matter will hurt the fellow parishoners, but my head says nothing will change and they will go on. I hate when they conflict like this.