Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bee's Date

Yesterday Bee and Daddy went out for a date at lunchtime. When I put her in bed Tuesday night this is what she had laid-out on the little table in her room to wear on her date with her daddy the next day. Notice the pink "cell phone" in the shorts pocket. She even had a headband and a bow out.

Unfortunately she had a bloody nose and ended up having to change her clothes before Daddy ever got home for lunch. So, we picked out a dress from her closet and redid her hair a different way. I wish I'd taken a picture of it. She looked so sweet, and she was so excited to get to go out with Daddy all by herself that she was near bursting by the time he came home from work to pick her up!!


Kimberly said...

Sweet! Emma loves her daddy daughter dates too!

Farm Wife said...

BabyGirl & her daddy went to the movies when B.B. was a baby & she still talks about it. Everytime they go anywhere alone together she calls it a date.

Grace said...