Thursday, August 2, 2007

You're In So Much Trouble, Mister

"This is a prime example of why some species eat their young!"

This is a direct quote from yours truly to a member of our church that had come over to help us figure out how to get into our house after Prophet locked us all out while we were eating our dinner out at the picnic table. Smart Guy or I neither one had our keys or a cell phone on us, so after we walked around the house about 10 times, thinking maybe I'd forgotten to obsessivly lock one of the windows on the first level of the house and came to the conclusion that the place was locked-up tighter than Azkaban (or Alcatraz for those out of touch people who don't read Harry Potter), he walked over to the church in hopes that someone was there. Someone did come over to help, but they were also unable to get in.... so we had to call a locksmith...a very-proud-of his-work, take-advantage-of-you-when-you-are-down, money-grubbing locksmith. It took the guy about 7 minutes, from the time we talked to him on the phone until he had the door open, and we had to pay the dude $85! How's that for a living wage.

We're thinking about taking the 85 bucks out of Prophets dining pleasure during the next few months. Or maybe we'll make him get a job. Or maybe he can build a lemonade stand for the front lawn and sell little soggy paper cups of lemonade every summer until he's 30. Or maybe we'll just skip his tenth birthday next month and he can stay 9 forever. Or maybe we'll split up his share of the Christmas money between Bee and D.K.

But more than likely, we'll chalk it up to being a 9 year old boy who forgets what he's told to do on occasion and forgive him. But mark my words, those species that eat their young have much more money in their bank accounts.

p.s. If you're ever at my house and you go out to play in the sandbox, don't use the neon green bucket. Let's just say that Bee and I didn't know how long we'd have to wait to get back inside to indoor plumbing and the bucket was in the garage just screaming at our bladders:)!


Anonymous said...

O that is SO you remember the times that we had to crawl into the bathroom window? Or that time Norma and I broke into her house on the farm...85 buck...*^%& WOW! Big bucks...
Love you Girl.

zann said...

eeewwww on the buckets..
But anyway.. you are right the locksmith was way overpriced. What does the frog at the top have to do with the context? Is it a frog who eats it's young?

Grace said...

Yes, the frog at the top actually has a little frog in it's mouth. I know it's tough to see!!!

Anonymous said...

oh boy...wish we had triple A for easy on him mom..

Love ya

Dreaming again said...

Oh how funny to read yours and Smart guy's account.

My son broke a glass DOOR to a restaurant once. The manager insisted we pay half (hello? what is insurance for!?!?). Actually, we would have offered to pay for the whole thing, except the manager got so snippy about it (we're regular customers and were in there for coffee LITERALLY every day!)

So, we split the cost. It was summer, and while we were getting coffee's, we'd buy the kids pop.

So,one of his punishments was that for the number of the days that the door cost to fix, ($1 = 1 day)he could not have pop. (anywhere)

So, the door cost $145 so he had to to 145 days without pop. (he was not impressed, but ... he never again threw a rock!!!)

We realized how well this worked in our favor when we did the math ...and in the long run, the door didn't cost US anything (we weren't buying him pop!) but it cost the owner his half, plus 145 days of loss of 1 pop per day at $1.25.

Kiddo lost ... snippy manager lost ... and score 1 for Mom & Dad!! :D

a wandering heart said...

ah... i've locked myself and bear out once. and then bear locked me out when i went to pick tomatoes. or the door locked itself. thankfully, neighbors were home and i was able to borrow a card (similar to credit cards) and jimmy the lock.

as for the buckets- at least they were available!!! guys don't know how easy they have it in times like that!