Sunday, August 19, 2007

Horseback Riding Camp

Last week Prophet and D.K. went to horseback riding camp. Each child had one horse for the entire week. Well, D.K. started with another horse on Monday, but he wouldn't cooperate with anyone, so after stepping on D.K.'s foot twice in one day, he was sidelined for the week. Each child had to share their horse with one other child for the week. They were taught how to muck out the stalls, take care of the tack, proper arena technique for shows, riding posture, etc. They loved it and they are missing "their" horses alot. I found Prophet staring at the picture of him and "his" horse Donut all teary eyed at bedtime. For his birthday in two weeks, he's asking for money so he can go back out to the stables and ride. The last day, they did a demo for the parents of everything they had learned during the week. Here's some of the pics we took!

This is Prophet leading "his" horse Donut around the arena. I know it's blurry, but I wanted you to see what this mama saw looking at her "little boy" with that magnificent animal following his lead. It was one of those moments when I once again wanted to find those doctors and say "look at him, this is that tiny baby that you told us may never walk, feed himself, talk ...look what he can do." My heart sings when I watch him do something like this!

Prophet riding Donut.

D.K. riding Chester.

D.K. taking care of "his" horse Chester after the demonstration. He was so proud to show off his knowledge to us.

Prophet and Bee with Chester.


Molly said...

Hi Grace!

I haven't logged into my account for a really long time, so I just saw your comment today. I'm feeling much better now. I was really surprised to see your comment because this is my "private blog" that I didn't think anyone knew about!

My husband was born and raised in Canton and we lived there our entire marriage, until recently of course. His entire family lives in Massillon and to be honest, I'm really glad we were able to move away from them. They are...well, I love my MIL and my BIL but I dont' want my boys growing up around the rest of them. That sounds horrible. Anyway. :-)

Now we live not even 4 hours from my parents and my brothers and their families, and that's good. I lived in MN for a long time, so I did really want to move back to this area. We spent a lot of time exploring this weekend and we went to a great church on Sunday, and that helped a LOT. I think we're really going to like it here.

Ok, I need to check on my children. Thanks for commenting!


Molly said...

Hi, it's me again. :-) I'm sort of familiar with where Wooster is; I don't think I've ever been there. My hubby would know, though, being an Ohio lifer.

South Dakota is a lot different from Ohio. Ohio was so busy, and Sioux Falls is too, but when you leave the city there are nothing but farms! Totally different from Canton. I do miss it there; I really miss our church a lot, but I think we'll really feel at home here after awhile.

I'm new to blogger, but I've had a blog on Xanga for a couple years now, and my husband and friends read it, but I started this one so I could do more actual writing and less chatting about my day kind of stuff. My Xanga blog has pictures and daily stuff; this one is going to be less like that. Ok, I'm rambling now. :-)

Feel free to stop by! Your pictures are beautiful by the way!

a wandering heart said...

Ooh.. I am so jealous! When I was a kid, the closest I got to riding horses was when my dad went to get fertilizer or the garden from a horse farm, I got to pet them. It looks like they had a blast!