Thursday, August 2, 2007

Grannie, We Thought You'd Get a Laugh From These

Remember how a couple of posts ago I was bragging about how my boys are growin'-up? Well, they are still boys and boys will have fun whatever they're doing, right!! I love these pictures and just had to share them with the world. This is what I generally go thru anytime I try to get a posed shot of my children. Of course, you have to imagine adding Bee to the mix for things like Christmas card pictures... it can seem pretty much fruitless at times.

I asked them to stand next to each other and pose in front of the Dr. Seuss Village that they and the other campers had created... this is what resulted...

So, we move to the corner so we could get a shot of that part of the village. Surely they've figured out how to stand next-to and not on-top-of one another at this point, right? Yah, whatever!!

In Prophet's defense, I must add that D.K. (the taller one) was causing most of the ruckus between! If you look again, you'll notice that D.K. has his arms around Prophet in all the pictures. He thinks it's cool that he can now pick-up his older brother!!

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