Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eye Appointment

How do you know you're a crazy blogger? When you take pictures of your children at the opthamologist appointment just so you can post them!!

Prophet and Bee both had their appointments last Thursday. They did them at the same time, one right after the other. They both had to have their eyes dilated. Prophet sat straight up in the chair and let them put the three drops into each eye without hardly a flinch. Then it was Bee's turn. Normally I try to refrain from calling my children names, BUT she turned into the biggest brat on the planet when it was her turn for the eyedrops. It tooks three of us at one point to hold her hands, open her eyes, and put in the drops. She screamed like a little banchee! I had to laugh at her or I'd have wrung her little neck. Now before you go and feel sorry for her and assume that it hurt... it didn't. The first drops were numbing drops. Prophet told her that it didn't hurt at all. The entire time she was screaming, she never said "ouch" one time. She never said anything about it hurting. Even afterwards when we asked her if it hurt, she said "no". She simply didn't want it done. The funny thing is that that was the only time during the almost two hours we were in the office that she acted up at all. The rest of the time everyone was telling her how cute she was, that they loved her outfit, they loved her mismatched flip-flops, they loved her hairdo, they thought she had the sweetest personality, etc., and then she exploded. The two doctors and med student that had been with us for awhile were in shock that this sweet, little blond could make such a loud noise. As soon as they were done, she shut it all off as if someone had pushed a button on her nose and turned her off. Talk about the drama!! Oh my goodness! I actually took away her favorite doll for the night for the whole ordeal. In our house, it's okay to cry if your scared or don't want to do something, BUT IT IS NEVER okay to be rude or nasty to someone, especially Mommy!!

Anyway, that's done for awhile! Prophet does appear to have the same things going on with his optic nerves that Bee does, but we won't know for sure until after his MRI on Sept. 19! Hopefully it's not that bad! He was a perfect little gentleman that day. I was so proud of him. He was sure of himself and not the least bit shy with the docs and nurses. He's getting so big!

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