Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Honor of Peggy The Brave

I found this on someone's blog a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to put it on mine in honor of Peggy or "Dreaming Again" in my comments. She is an amazing woman that Smart Guy met on one of his youth ministry boards. Between her hubby's health and hers, they live a very high-maintenance life. Thru it all they lean on the Lord to get them past the rough spots, which seem to be all the time for those of looking in from the outside. She is an amazing, courageous, brave, and honorable woman.

Isn't she cute? I love the slurping up of her drool!! Hilarious!! Surely?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that...I smiled all the way through...
Love You

Dreaming again said...

Thank you! You have NO idea how badly I needed to see that today!!

Thanks, so much sis!

Everything that you just said about me, could be said about you as well!

my prayers are with you and your family!