Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swimming Yesterday

We went swimming at one of the local pools yesterday. It's a huge pool. They do alot of swim team competitions there if that gives you any idea how huge it actually is.

Here's the big umbrella and frog slide at the kiddie pool. The pool starts out at about 6 inches deep and slowly goes all the way to three foot.

Here's the tunnel slides into the big pool. There's actually three of them there, but you can't really see them from the angle I took the picture.

Here's D.K. standing on the high-dive. Sorry Mom, close your eyes if you don't wanna see it.

I swear this is D.K. hitting the water. I tried three times to get a shot in the air, but it never happened. My camera is too slow.

Here's Prophet on the high-dive. Once again, close your eyes Mom!

Here's Prophet a split second after he hit the water spread eagle and got lots of oos,awes, and "are you okays" from the crowd around the diving well. Needless to say, he was crying in pain by the time he swam to the ladder and climbed out. He looked at his daddy and said "What happened to me?"

This is approximately 30 seconds after he got out of the pool! Ouch! Poor Prophet! He's never hit the water that way before and had no clue had bad it could hurt. His cheeks were even red from hitting so hard!! I'd be willing to bet that it could be awhile before he climbs the steps to the high-dive again!!

Yet another wonderful part of this fabulous small-town living... while Bee was going down the frog-slide, she was yelling "Mommy, I know her and she knows me". "Her" was yelling the same thing to her mom. Her mom and I chatted and figured out that they'd been together all last week at Dr. Seuss camp. We exchanged names and chatted about getting acquainted with our new town while the girls played. I love this place!!

*I just noticed that on both those shots of the boys already in the water that the kid diving off the low-dive at the same time is actually in the air. Now, how come I tried three separate times each (totaling six tries in case you're math deficient) to get a shot of one of my boys in the air from the high-dive, which should be a longer time in the air to get a picture than the low-dive, and I couldn't get a shot, but somehow I got two perfect airshots of someone's else's kid! Go figure!!


Farm Wife said...

OUCH!!!!!! I can't imagine how bad that had to hurt...I'd stay off the high dive too.

The YMCA's pool by QM's house has a pool with a beach entrance & frog slide. We haven't been in 3 years & #1 Son still asks about it!

Nan said...

I second Farm Wife's OUCH. Kids are brave to go off a board that big!